Blogging MIA and Fall Time Flavors

I’ve been blogger MIA… No good reason, aside from life is full of twists, curves, hillsides, wells, hurricanes… life.  I’ve been cooking, just not photographing as much.  It’ll pick up again (I’m determined).  Turns out some thrown together meals have been some of my new favorites and repeat meals to come: chicken fried tempeh (a very surprising fabulous find–recipe will be posted sometime, I’m sure), caramel apple cinnamon rolls, very creamy homemade pesto pasta, hazelnut cashew crusted tofu, the best homemade chicken style seitan.

Fall crept up on us in the stealth way it does here.  We went from warm sunny days to sweater weather and crisp cold mornings. My favorite time of year, actually… I love the colors fall brings, especially here in Oregon. I noticed for the first time yesterday, vibrant orange leaves aligned with golden topped trees, and flame red maples. It’s not just the colors I enjoy about this season. The flavors that come with it are equally spectacular. Gingery apple dishes, roasted vegetables, pumpkin recipes… Pumpkin is what brings me to this post! I’m tricky like that. Turns out I’m STILL not putting up a new recipe (yet!). Just a note of this disappointing fall time ale! I’ve never had a pumpkin ale until yesterday, but I was very disappointed in this Blue Moon ale — it tasted nothing like pumpkin. So I suppose I’m still on the hunt for a good pumpkin beer before this season passes!

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