Spring and Where Time Goes

Spring time is by far my favorite season. It hasn’t always been. I enjoy winter. Most of my life, I preferred summer. But spring time in Ashland means green. It means sporadic sunshine that can’t be planned or counted on. It means spots of cold that also can’t be planned for. Spring means seedlings and plants trying to survive through the unforeseen cold. Spring means the cold is in passing… warmth is coming.

Spring also means more time outside. While it doesn’t mean less cooking, it does account in part for my recent blog-MIA status. Here’s a little bit of what has been going on:

While this probably doesn’t look like much to you, I’m excited about it. This is a nearly 30-foot by 5½-foot area of land that will become a food garden soon. It also contains nearly a year’s worth of compost I’ve been nurturing. I remember having gardens as a kid, but I don’t remember much about them. Stalky sunflowers, tomatoes, lettuce. Lots of flowers. In my late teens, one of my chores included watering and weeding the garden. I despised it! In my later teens and early 20’s, I had a knack for killing nearly anything I planted. Lack of care, lack of time, lack of attention… I’m sure it all came into play. Now that I’m nearing 30, gardening sounds fulfilling and fun… So I shall dive in. Excitedly. Hopefully no plant babies are harmed in the process.

Spring means baseball season. This 6-year-old Yankee has been fun to watch on the field. Seems no matter what sport Silas decides he’s interested in, he’s naturally good at it.

Vincent had the lead role in his middle school’s spring musical. Again, he’s a complete natural on the stage. It was exciting to see what he’s done with this role, in a subject that he’s dove into on his own.

Neither drama or sports were much up my alley at any point in my life. Although I played community soccer for a number of years, I always felt like I didn’t fit in with the cool girls. And my skills? They were completely lacking in skill. As far as being on stage, I’d rather clean toilets and tackle a mountain of dirty dishes. That feeling hasn’t changed since I was ten and forced to be in our fifth grade class play at school (I did play the chef, though, haha). That aside, it really has been a complete joy to see both kids dive into their own interests, in their own way.

So what else has spring brought about?

Certainly chasing these two hooligans daily. My comrades. Spring means vacuuming nearly five times a day as these two shed about 9,000 pounds of winter fur. I don’t mind, seeing as they’re at my feet any time we’re near one another. Except when I have to tell them I don’t appreciate them at my feet while going to the bathroom, of course.

Spring means weather often warm enough for exploring outside. Exploring means photographing. Everything. I love the colors of this time of year–just as much as I enjoy the colors of fall.

Spring means daisy chains and passing time in the park, getting some sun on my weary winter paste-like skin, and feeling the warmth replace winter.

I’ve got some new recipes coming. Don’t you worry. Go enjoy some spring time sun in the meantime.

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  1. Donna Wright says:

    Great blog!!!! Loved reading it and seeing the pictures.

    • Thanks, Nana! They’re putting up the fencing around my (our) garden right this second… you’ll be excited when you see it! Maybe I’ll go get that baby donkey instead of planting a food garden?! Hope you enjoyed your cinnamon roll (and dinner!) last night!

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