Cup ‘O Sunshine


I laugh to myself when I think of sharing juice recipes. Mostly because my method of making juices includes a lot (I mean a LOT) of winging it. Using what is on sale for the week, what looks and feels ripe, what flavors my body tells me it wants. Then when I give directions for putting these things together, it’s just combine X, Y, and Z in your juicer. Drink that business.

But I won’t apologize, because the truth is I have made some awful juices, too, by “winging it.” The recipes here are tried, tested, approved for sharing… I don’t share the nasty experiments that leave me gagging. Or hoping to immediately make a second juice to chase down the taste of the first. You’re welcome. Hah!

This juice absolutely came from throwing ingredients that sounded good, together. The first thing that I enjoyed about it was the gorgeous hues of yellow and orange – sunshine – which is so sorely lacking in Oregon through the winter. (Although our yard is popping up with green life again, so I like to hope Spring is actually coming!) The golden beet in this juice adds sweetness, although not as intensely as red beets – which I actually liked a lot. Ripe pears are hard to not enjoy. This juice is energizing and brightly flavored (and colored). Feel like your day could use a little sunshine? Pour this right into your cup.



Cup ‘O Sunshine

Serves 2 or makes 1 large juice

2 ripe Bartlett pears, stems removed
5-7 medium sized carrots
1 large golden beet (I like to peel mine first)
1 medium Fuji apple


Use a juicer (not a blender or food processor, please) to juice the fruits and vegetables, according to the user manual. Serve over ice if you prefer, or enjoy as is.

For a visually stimulating drink, you can juice the carrots first, pouring that into your glass(es). Then juice the remaining ingredients, layering it on top of the carrot juice. This isn’t necessary, but it does make a pretty juice. Stir right before drinking.

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    looks delicious!

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