Day to Day Life: Week 9

The past week looked a little like this:


Whoa, buddy.

a4c1850e7ee911e2aa0322000a1fa408_7_zps6df41a1d I’m not sure why, but when it came to food this week, all that ever sounded good was breakfast. And burritos. To wrap up breakfast in a burrito for dinner? Magic. These are cumin potatoes, fluffy scrambled eggs, TJ’s Soyrizo, monterey jack cheese, salsa verde, and a tortilla bigger than my face, times two. So good. I believe I had a total of 7 burritos this week. Seriously.

9fe1d9267fb111e2b52122000a1fa4b5_7_zps3c2f5000 When I drink my wine from a canning jar, it’s easy to feel like a slightly classier hippie. When I was in college, there was debauchery that included jugs of cheap ass wine and long bendy straws. Because they make cheap wine taste better? No. Unfortunately.

89ced024822411e2987422000a9e08f2_7_zps3dfc92e7 Now, I am not a crazy lady (well, not exactly a crazy lady) and seeing little dogs and cats in clothing usually makes me cringe a tiny bit on the inside. However! This little (BIG) dog has a neurotic tendency of whining at every little thing. Look at him – whine. Talk to him – whine. Pet his sister – whine. Pet him – whine. I had read that when German shepherds feel like they’re working, the whining subsides. There are vests you can buy, then weigh with water bottles, so your dog feels like it’s carrying something important. I didn’t buy said vest, but I put this fancy polo shirt on the ‘ole boy and he quieted himself, looking real classy. I like to call him Mr. Business.

f23554767fd611e2af1622000a1fb845_7_zps9f46c372 Breakfast on pizza? Absolutely.

IMG_1229_zps41620332 This pizza recipe will show up soonish. Vegetarian gorgonzola bacon burger pizza!

IMG_1621_zps9aab5904Sliver moon milk foam.

photo-1 New shoes from Zulily‘s sale on Toms arrived! Woo hoo! So comfy, warm and soft.

9b1a6b70811d11e284c322000a1fbca9_7_zpsd94655ec Anya’s Thai Bistro is one of my favorite restaurants in Ashland. The food is always delicious. These are the drunken noodles with tofu, green curry with tofu, and crispy spring rolls. Perfect for lunch with the husband and 14-year-old stepson who came home for lunch time.


Mrs. Business likes to sit in this precise spot as I edit photos.



This recipe will arrive next week. It’s a whole wheat marmalade and vanilla bean pull-apart bread. Yes’sirs.


IMG_1628_zps09b4165e Blue blue skies.

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2 Responses to Day to Day Life: Week 9

  1. We grew up drinking out of canning jars, I love it!
    And I totally agree on the vest for the dog! We had a german shepherd/australian cattle dog live with us for 3 years (hes actually my brother’s dog) and he needed a JOB everyday, or he would create them for himself (mainly enforcing my rules with the other 2 dogs). A vest filled with weights and a lenghty hike every single day did the trick!

    • My stepson wanted to include some pants in our poor dog’s outfit, but eventually agreed that just a shirt would be okay. Haha

      I totally understand about the self-created jobs. Our dog seems to think it’s his duty to go outside and bark at the sky – chasing off potential birds, perhaps? :)

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