Day to Day Life: Weeks 12, 13 & 14

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. I thought about skipping two weeks of Day-to-Day posts, but alas… I’m opting for this route instead. Three weeks worth of photos (while the number of them may seem overwhelming, they’re the careful pickings from over 1000 photos edited and navigated through!).

IMG_1651_zpsdd994457 A post-workout lunch. Beet/grapefruit/orange/celery/apple/grape juice; avocado-cheese toast, and more grapefruit.

IMG_1707_zpsf66ee3da This lady knows when we’re about to go out of town, always. She gets clingy. And turns into a 100 pound lap puppy.

IMG_3501_zpsf0b1ff1c Homemade enchiladas including homemade corn tortillas. Dinner for six.

IMG_3510_zpsae2d1120  The less obvious way to dress in order to scoop up dog crap in 30-degree weather.

IMG_3533_zpse8be5db1 Jack Kerouac Alley in San Francisco. Around the corner from one of my favorite bookstores to stop in.


IMG_1756_zps39df9788 If you’re ever in Santa Cruz, CA, do yourself a favor and visit Engfer Pizza Works. Tucked up in a local neighborhood, this low-key pizza spot was delicious. More later.

IMG_3552_zps9fa88e43 Also in Santa Cruz, these pupusas were phenomenal. Also more on that soon.

IMG_1747_zps1a17b4fd Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Sunshine, salt water, sailboats.

IMG_3562_zps8baecc89 Boardwalk shenanigans.

IMG_3665_zps3b10b503 We caught the elephant seals (January’s pups) at Piedras Blancas on Highway 1 while heading south.



IMG_1800_zps7ba29420 Ventura Beach greeted us with sunshine, blue skies, and warmer waters that reminded me of home.




IMG_1810_zps1e7f602d Beach-bound out of LA.

IMG_3845_zpsc29d7195 Legoland.



IMG_3736_zps3b69b200 Having a conversation with Lego Arnold Schwarzenegger.

IMG_2018_zpsf1376bcb For us, traveling usually means a LOT of burritos and pizza. This particular meal was needed when heading back home: southern tofu “chicken,” red beans, brown rice, steamed broccoli, carrots and cabbage, raw kale, and then house-made ranch and BBQ sauce. 


IMG_2059_zps86439820 One seven year old in particular loved hotel-offered breakfasts. I’ve never seen someone so little eat hash browns, bacon, a whole bagel, scrambled eggs, two pieces of french toast, and a bowl of cereal… only to claim  he’s hungry 30 minutes later.



IMG_2100_zpse78423bd After not cooking for a week, we got home to an empty refrigerator, hungry but not wanting to deal with the grocery store. Tuna melts for Easter, on bread found at the back of the freezer? Yes.

IMG_4548_zps2c8eeca8 This tart was to make up for not cooking over the last week. Not really. It was a tart born out of available ingredients and the desire for dessert. : )


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