Day to Day Life: Week 15


This week looked like this:

IMG_4251_zps23ffbfd7 Garlic rubbed  sourdough toast with peppery egg and chives. So good.

IMG_2145_zpsb75b7125Brown eyed boy.

IMG_5084_zpse10cae70Silas’s mom shared the pickled quail eggs she’s been pickling… delicious.


IMG_5893_zpsb0d50c2aCompany for chips.

IMG_5541_zps808677d9I baked a surprise birthday cake for our friend Gary. Who says you need to be under 10 to appreciate sparklers on your cake?

IMG_5331_zps53788bddCake batter. So fluffy. So chocolatey.

IMG_2218_zps640aee86Some days.


IMG_2158_zps4c834202I like staring contests with the puppies. They see right through you. Me. Anyone.

IMG_5986_zps84f0cdb9Post-shower curls making an appearance.


IMG_5619_zpsb760f0a9This was by far the best vegetarian baked spaghetti I’ve made or eaten. Recipe soon.

IMG_2226_zps0c7b08e1Sunny day park accessories. Cookbooks, bare feet, long grass, rowdy beach-style volleyball in the background and a handful of unleashed dogs stopping by for a hello.


IMG_2142_zps6cc8e2f5Ancho pepper, tomato and tomatillo sauce. Good on burritos, as enchilada sauce, on eggs, with chips… Good for numerous meals.

IMG_5995_zps1755d04bLet’s re-examinee sourdough pancakes soon. This is the sponge that sits overnight.

98fec2b6a38511e2b61322000a1f9358_7These are said-pancakes that come from above-mentioned sponge. Oh yes. And totally weekday appropriate.

72365e96a45c11e28d2722000a1f8fa0_7Whole wheat biscuits for the weekend, however.

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  1. Sam Han says:

    the pickled quail eggs look interesting and love the choco cake batter and pancakes, yumz :)

  2. beatrix mana says:

    I hope you start sharing some of those recipes they all look yummy to my tummy. Thank you

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