Sourdough Pancakes and a Hilarious New Blog


Recently, I was asked to share the recipe for a photo I posted on Facebook, featuring the above pancakes. “I’m starting a food blog!” said Eve, a lovely lady I grew up with on Kauai. When I received a follow-up e-mail from I knew any further reading was going to be funny, smart, and certainly worth my time.

Directly from MouthPocket:

At MouthPocket, we’re all about honesty. So let’s be honest about who we are. We are a bunch of girls. A bunch of girls who enjoy eating and drinking, then running up the block once and pretending we aren’t gaining weight. A bunch of guys who get cowed by immigration officers on the way to Montreal, driving the eight hours from New York just for the Poutine, and live to tell the story here. A bunch of people who enjoy gently iced martinis, eggs cooked perfectly (hey, it’s not that hard), and occasional snobbishness, but never rude behavior. We all believe in fun, good food in our mouth-pockets, and most of all, good stories.

You can find the recipe for these sourdough pancakes here. I encourage you to continue stopping by Eve’s blog as well, as I’m certain there is more goodness to come!

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  1. I love the sound of MouthPocket and your pancakes look so good!

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