Day to Day Life: Week Twenty-Five

Let’s have a look at the last week:

DTD25 title

DTD25 -11

I’m not going to tell you how many quesadillas I ate this week. They were plentiful. Sometimes filled with fresh corn, or jalapenos, or topped with avocado. All of them – A+ for flavor.

DTD25 -12

Miss Nikki got a harness to help with her paralyzed back legs. She seems happy to get a lift and very patiently sits then rolls over for me to buckle it up when it’s time to go out.

DTD25 -8

I commit food sins sometimes. I’m pretty sure it’s not normal to add beer to your yellow korma sauce… (But it tastes really dang delicious.)

DTD25 -6

Just a little rain threat over Ashland.

DTD25 -13

Homemade strawberry milkshakes with fresh berries and homemade vanilla whipped cream? So f’in necessary.

DTD25 -7

Meet Mr. Business-Casual. He’s a happy casually working dog.

DTD25 -4

Growing some food up in here.


Including face-sized organic zucchini.

DTD25 -2

And giant organic strawberries (one at a freaking time).

DTD25 -5

Rainy days are also good man and boy napping days (post milkshake consumption).

DTD25 -14

Some days require a good salad mess for lunch. Homegrown baby romaine, arugula, snap peas, string beans, carrots, sweet corn, avocado, and a scallion basil vinaigrette. And a side of local made charred bread.

DTD25 -16



Zucchini for d-a-y-s and it’s only June. (Woo hoo!)

DTD25 -9

More garden goodies. With, duh, more zucchini.

DTD25 -1

What happens when you can’t decide where to go get something for dinner? This homemade deliciousness. Mac and cheese with fresh sweet corn, jalapenos, and veggie pasta.

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