Day to Day Life: Week Thirty

Here’s a look at the last week:


The deer didn’t eat our lilies this year so they’ve been blooming. Usually right about the time they’re set to pop open, the Ashland deer eat the flower buds. Lots of f-words commence.


This week’s reading material. All business.


I made and canned a spiced blueberry jam with local organic berries. First time success. My mother-in-law says I don’t need to experiment with pickling – just make this jam over and over again. I was simply ecstatic when it set… and that it tasted good!


Smoothie ‘stache.


An on-the-belly cat nap at Nana’s house.


Out of our gardens!


I used some of the blueberry jam to make these egg-less muffins.


Buttermilk almond waffles for breakfast one day… topped with bananas and ripe local peaches.


This girl.


Sometimes it’s okay to play with your food. Just sayin’.


Summer skies at 6:30 PM.


After I let the kids have doughnuts for breakfast, they also had to drink this smoothie. Silas asked me why I put “dicked mangoes” into the smoothie. Haha!


Eggplants out of the garden! A last minute, thrown together garden pesto eggplant parmesan came out of these!


My husband had to work out of town this weekend, so Silas and I had a couple days of hanging out. Pizza one night per his request. I let him pick the toppings… canadian bacon and pineapple – I’d forgotten how much I actually enjoyed this pizza as a kid. We shared a salad for the sake of greenery in our guts.


I taught Si how to play chicken foot dominoes, which my grandparents taught me as a kid. (It’s also the only dominoes game I know how to play – shh, don’t tell.) Silas in turn taught our friend Gary the game the next morning.


Cashew pesto bucatini, freshly picked.

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    Delicious jam!

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