Day to Day Life Week Thirty-One

The last week looked something like this:


Once upon a time I picked a lot of basil. Then decided to make a lot of pesto. Except I failed the first batch, resulting in only 4 half-pint jars thus far. Oh well. Lesson learned: don’t shortcut areas you should take your time, like pulling individual leaves off basil stems, rather than throwing stems and all into the food processor… Brown stemmy pesto = no bueno.


This meal for one was a good decision.


The week began with an experiment in homemade pickles. Spicy dilly green beans, squash pickles and cucumber pickles. Waiting and waiting to see how they turn out…


I’m not the best at keeping up with the constant delivery of crookneck squash. Luckily someone here enjoys the overgrown squash that’s too tough for my liking.


Ginger apple plum jam. (Magic in a jar.)


I walked into our living room the other afternoon and discovered two Wright boys had accidentally fallen asleep.


Mrs. Business, lounging around.


Relief from the 450-degree kitchen.


I’m glad we only planted two varieties of eggplant… Eggplant for DAYYYS.


Fresh local peaches! So good in these peach cobbler scones.


It was SUPER smoky around here for most of the week… Such pretty blood-red suns, though.


Because I love fresh peaches right now – a freshly juiced peach margarita. SO GOOD.


Lots of eggplant means getting creative with using it. Baked eggplant parmesan “lasagna” with layers of roasted cherry tomato marinara sauce and spinach/tofu.


Something keeps eating our bigger tomatoes right when they approach ripening. It makes me swear out loud every time.


Blue, green, sun.

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