Saturday Sites: Week Five


1. Since I was 7, writing has always had some kind of presence in my life. When I was in college, I said I would never write as a means of “work,” because I worried it would feel just like that – work. Somehow I wound up minoring in creative writing anyway. This letter exchange carries things I have felt numerous times. And the advice? Absolutely bookmarked for future days of, “I need to read this again.”

2. This list has me second guessing my faith in humanity.

3. I cannot wait to make and eat these oatmeal cinnamon rolls!

4. My brain found this post beautifully entertaining.

5. Can you read peoples’ emotions simply by looking at them? Eyes say a lot. I got a whopping 30/36, surprising myself.

6. I know I told you I’m preeeetty over pancakes these days. But these tres leches pancakes have me intrigued. Plus they’re made with masa instead of regular ‘ole flour!

7. These hand-painted business cards may be in my near future.

8. Although I didn’t watch the Grammys because we don’t have TV, these animated gifs of the audience dance highlights had me laughing.

9. Homemade sourdough bread is so good. Now that my starter is nearly three years old, it’s got some incredible flavor. I’ve never made a no-knead bread before, but this one caught my eye and certainly jumped onto my list of recipes to try!

10. This list of 13 things mentally strong people avoid was a good reminder for the week.

11. I loved the narrative of this post and also learned how to roast garlic at the same time!

12. If I had a little baby, photos like these would absolutely find their way into my photographing experiments.

13. The wisdom of this post and the simple beauty in these words – yes.

14. This post on relationship roles was interesting.

15. All of Joy’s posts from Uganda over the last week have been inspirational and heart-tugging. I especially loved this one.

16. Lastly, holy crap, these homemade doughnuts filled with goat cheese and blackberries. GIMME.

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    Thanks for the link love, lady! Your blog seems so fun and awesome :)

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