Day to Day Life: Week Ten

The last week looked a little like this:


To the oven, little romas and bell peppers… we have sauce to conquer.

photo 5

Burrito bowl is easy dinner-ing.


When the sun comes out, these little birds flock into the trees and bushes around our house. They’re ready for Spring, too.

photo 2

Egg, toast, cheese, lotsa pepper. Still my favorite brunch these days. (Equally good with tortillas, no toast.)


An experiment with pizza dough: pesto twisted bread sticks.

photo 2

From this,

photo 3

to this. Soup for you, for Mondays.


Budding Springtime.

photo 4

We have been loving omelets around here this week. For my husband, just cheese. For me, a Greek-inspired concoction of spinach, feta, olives, artichoke hearts, and more cheese.

photo 1

I started brewing my first batch of jun this week with the scoby our friend John gave us. I was thoroughly amused by Vincent’s very serious question: “Is that thing on top actually called a scoby or did Julie just name him that!?”


Something for us to share next week.


Bean and cheese pupusas for dinner with Vincent one night.


Buzz, buzz… little bee butt.

photo 1

I’ve been enjoying this porter.


Another Ashland institution shut its doors this past week. Giseppi’s Pizza was one of my preferred spots in town to grab a pizza. Luckily I’ve figured out a good homemade pie, as we sure do eat a lot of pizza on pizza-night. These are three 16-inch pizzas. Gone in less than 24 hours.


Another round food I enjoy. Homemade chocolate chocolate glazed baked doughnuts.


Vincent’s high school theater is doing Cabaret as their production this term. We thoroughly enjoyed Vincent’s opening night performance. The whole play was so well put together. We’ll go again next weekend, I’m sure.


A totally-winging-things split pea curry one night with tofu, homemade garlic naan, and rice.

photo (9)

So much for that approaching Spring sunshine we had early in the week… back to these heavy skies.

photo (10)

This photo, accompanied by a soundtrack of,”it’s Silas boy! He’s not a bird, he’s not a plane! He’s Silas boy! Yes he is. Silas boy!”

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