Saturday Sites: Week Fifteen


  1. I laughed out loud watching this prank a student pulled on her professor, whose class rule is that if your cell rings in class, you must answer it on speakerphone…

  2. Joy’s recipe for milky salted caramel needs a place in my life, immediately.

  3. This song has been on my week’s playlist often…

  4. My foster mother used to have a taxidermied fox named Maurice, who she’d dance around our living room occasionally. These taxidermists may have needed to take a few more lessons before accepting any jobs…

  5. I am intrigued by the simplicity of this oatmeal recipe and want to try it soon.

  6. I am going on a mission to learn every single one of these dance moves. (If you are aware of my dancing abilities – which, let me assure you is none – you would know this would be a lifetime endeavor and the potential is along the lines of impossible.)

  7. Music, paint, photography, soundwaves… YES.

  8. The recipe included in this post, for homemade vegetarian “fish sauce” is something I would like to try. I do like using fish sauce in various Asian-influenced dishes, but I’ve never found a good vegetarian alternative that imparts the same depth of flavor.

  9. These animations… As they say, sorrynotsorry.

  10. This chickpea tofu sounds interesting. I think I will give it a try sometime in the near future!

  11. Old art that has been updated

  12. Artichokes have always kind of eluded me. My mom would ocassionally steam them (I think that’s right…) when I was younger, then serve them with hollandaise sauce for dipping. I miss that. These artichokes sound delicious, too.

  13. These moments photographing the human experience

  14. I want to eat this bread right now.

  15. I can relate to this.

  16. How did I forget what a wonderful vehicle toast is and/or can be!?

  17. Puddles the Clown is one of my favorite people in all of YouTube. This Lorde cover makes me equally as happy as the first one I saw!

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