Saturday Sites : Week Sixteen


  1. I am recently obsessed with tiny houses and imagining what it would be like to live in these spaces.

  2. This article was a short, but good read. “…We must learn to see our relationships, not as drudgery that we endure so that one day we will arrive at this relational perfection but as a shared journey toward an ideal love that meets both of our needs, most of the time.” Yes.

  3. The inclusion of tea in this smoothie intrigues me.

  4. Perhaps some of the most profound portraits I’ve ever seen.

  5. I’m not sure why I never thought of flavoring fried eggs, but this version sounds tasty!

  6. What color is your aura? This silly quiz tells me mine is silver. A silver aura shows that a soul contains much experience and knowledge. You’ve probably been called an old soul. Because you’re good at nurturing and encouraging others, friends come to you when they need advice. Although you tend to serve as a mentor or guide in relationships, you are especially receptive to new ideas and unheard-of possibilities.

  7. Because when you try to eat healthier when that isn’t what you do all the time… it’s a sure-fire way to grow a crazy-brain! #37 – every time.

  8. I am increasingly interested in growing things…outdoors and indoors!

  9. This sandwich would probably go over well in our home.

  10. Dear insomniac brain, I really do love sleep… you should too.

  11. A list of eighteen ways to live successfully, which have nothing to do with money and everything to do with genuinely, happily, taking in life. Loved this list.

  12. One of my favorite blogs and one of my favorite spring veggies!

  13. I may have to read this every single Monday.

  14. Cake! Lemon! Blueberries! Buttermilk! OKAY, I can get into this.

  15. You’ve probably seen goats yelling like humans by now. Have you seen humans yelling like goats yelling like people? Bwahaha.

  16. 21st century speech impediment

  17. Although one of my favorite things to eat as a kid was Mollie Katzen’s cauliflower spaghetti that my mom would cook from the Moosewood Cookbook, its only been within my adult life that I’ve really learned to like cauliflower… These cauliflower bites sound delicious.

  18. Go ahead and click: make everything okay!

  19. I would like to eat these cookies… that is all.

  20. Science and perfect pie building? This is how my brain works all the time.

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