Saturday Sites: Week Eighteen


  1. Here are some fun maps showing what the state you’re in, or from, is known for…

  2. My kind of sandwich looks something like this one!

  3. Whenever I have some sort of ailment or illness that seems to be approaching, I try to use natural alternatives to over the counter treatments. The only exception is for migraines, which I’ve periodically gotten since I was about 13. Here are some natural treatments for some more embarrassing health concerns! Some I’ve tried, others I’ve never needed to.

  4. What do you do when you’re home alone?

  5. I want everything about these tacos. Immediately.

  6. I shall remember a number of these camping hacks for this summer… P.S. I don’t like camping. P.P.S. Silas has already inquired, “Can we go camping this summer… Like, for more than one day?!”

  7. This lip sync-off is so good. Haha

  8. Have you ever had savory oats? I am seeing recipes more and more often, but haven’t tried them. This recipe intrigues me.

  9. I almost died from laughing some of these texts.

  10. This article fascinates me.

  11. I LOVE tuna sammiches and these nine varieties from Saveur sounds like fun future experimenting.

  12. My husband introduced me to this video earlier this week. We laughed so much watching it.

  13. This lavender key limeade sounds like something I’d enjoy making and drinking.

  14. I wonder if this actually works? And then my late-teen, early-20 self says, “Wait. What? What is the point of drinking if not to feel drunk?!”

  15. NOODLES. They could be in my everyday diet. These spicy Indonesian noodles sound YUMMY.

  16. There is a bakery in London called St. John and their doughnuts look incredible… When I found their doughnut recipe I decided they will be my yearly fried doughnut indulgence soon.

  17. This video made me smile. I miss being in the water.

  18. This giant cinnamon roll sounds genius (and tasty).

  19. WHY does this exist… and WHY can’t I look away?!

  20. This article… I can relate.

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