Saturday Sites: Week Twenty-Two

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  1. Number three on this list… Absolutely yes.

  2. This coconut iced chai sounds delicious on these warm Spring, almost Summer days.

  3. A buying guide to the Victoria’s Secret swimsuit catalog. Hah!

  4. Twenty-five signs that you’re succeeding at life even if it doesn’t always feel like it…

  5. Last week I told you I intend to make myself both doughnuts and carrot cake for my birthday. These doughnuts also sound like likely candidates.

  6. Maya Angelou passed away this week. This has been one of my favorite poems of hers since my teens.

  7. Even though I’ve been good at spelling since I was little, entering into any sort of spelling bee probably would’ve induced a panic attack. These spelling bee faces depict the multitude of feelings…

  8. I love homemade bread. When it comes to sandwich breads, I have never successfully made a soft loaf. I will definitely be trying this recipe sometime.

  9. These English language failures made me laugh. A lot.

  10. I feel like I NEED to make this carrot cake banana bread immediately.

  11. Some of these maternity/pregnancy photos are simply horrifying.

  12. I like this idea.

  13. Cauliflower rice has been popping up everywhere. This creamy garlic version almost seems like risotto (and sounds tasty).

  14. Since I am pizza obsessed, this sounds new and different than any pizza I’ve had before. I’d probably use sun dried tomatoes in place of the prosciutto.

  15. Since I was a little kid, dolphins have intrigued me. Going swimming with them off the coast of Oahu, in the deep open ocean when I was 17 was incredible.

  16. This graphic made me laugh.

  17. This recipe is blowing my mind. Savory bread pudding is one thing… grilled cheese bread pudding?!

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