Day to Day Life: Week Twenty-Three

A look at the last week:


‘Tis the season!


Since it’s also strawberry season, I made some jams this week.


Early in the week, Mama Bird surprised me by letting me pet her…


Tofu and veggies in peanut sauce with veggie egg rolls one night.


These two like watching me water the gardens in the evening.


Early morning hideout.


Brunch for one: black coffee and sourdough toast topped with leftover guacamole and eggs.


Our garden is happily dishing out some snap peas, broccoli, baby lettuces, herbs, zucchini, summer squash, and the promise of tomatoes, beets, beans, and eggplant to come.


A from-the-garden salad embellished with red bell peppers and fresh raw sweet corn.


An old friend is one of the editors for Camas – an Environmental Studies publication at the University of Montana. I got an email a couple months ago asking if I’d like to submit some poetry or photography to an upcoming edition. I was fortunate enough to have one of my photos included and printed alongside the featured story and absolutely stoked to receive my contributor’s copy this week.


As per the weekly schedule around here… pizza.


And I’ve totally mastered making vegetarian pepperoni more appetizing and spicy.


“BRAAAAINS… I want braaaains…”


Mashed ‘taters, fried chicken tofu, vegetarian gravy, and veggies.


Mama Bird’s eggs both hatched this week! 18 days after being laid — the predictable incubation time of feral pigeons. I didn’t know that parent pigeons remove the eggshells from their nest once the babies hatch! As I was watering our front yard the evening these babies hatched, I found the eggshells dropped near our roses.

Watching these little baby birds cracks me up. Few things are better than watching a baby-bobble-head-bird… Hehe.


A ridiculously high-piled sammich for the panini maker for one hungry 15 year old.


The dudes.


Silas’s Little League team, who won first place in the league for the regular season, played their last tournament game yesterday. Unfortunately they lost 8-3 in a tough game, coming in second for the season.


Lastly, a muffin experiment made of buttermilk, fresh raspberries, and fresh peaches!

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