Saturday Sites: Week Thirty-Three


  1. When I was a kid, occasionally my dad would watch episodes of Julia Childs cooking on TV. I was dumbfounded by this woman, who’d be throwing around ingredients like she didn’t give two shits in the midst of her passion. Then there was her voice, which when you’re 8 or 9, is totally mesmerizing. It took until my early adulthood to really appreciate this woman. Here are 100 of her best recipes in honor of what would’ve been her 100th birthday.

  2. What does your preferred sandwich choice say about you?

  3. 19 potentially annoying things that can happen at the gym? Number 16 is one of my biggest gym pet peeves.

  4. I love both the way this cornbread looks and sounds.

  5. When Robin Williams passed away this week, like millions around the world, it made my heart overwhelmingly sad. Movies like Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Jumanji were staples in my childhood. (And young adulthood, too, who are we kidding?) Films like Patch Adams and What Dreams May Come and Dead Poets Society, I watched over and over again especially in difficult times. The loss of this brilliant man prompted the following article and I think these words are important.

  6. As well, this piece was moving and the question begs, really, who was Robin Williams for Robin Williams when he needed a laugh or pick-me-up?

  7. An interesting break down of where everyone in America came from, state by state since 1900.

  8. These noodles, please and thank you.

  9. I’ve been quiet and shy most of my life. Sometimes I worry it comes off as being rude or conceited, when really the reason I am avoiding you at the grocery store, or allowing my phone to go to voicemail rather than picking up your call, is simply because it pains me to try and make small talk, or to feel like I need to come up with something exciting to talk about and I assume you’ll find my conversation boring anyway. These words were good ones.

  10. This video makes me homesick for the ocean right down to my very core.

  11. Our tomatoes have been ripening slowly this year, often just as quickly as we can eat them. Its been a good couple of years since I made a tomato pie – certainly it’s a good way to eat an abundance of tomatoes, and this recipe sounds delicious, but I have to wait until we have an actual abundance to dive on into… :)

  12. Do you like to run, or exercise, with other folks? Not meee.

  13. This is my kind of cookie! Even though it screams winter, I am certain I’d enjoy them any-old-time.

  14. Welllll… yes. (Kara Eloise, can you relate?! ;)

  15. Have you heard of statue selfies?

  16. Cheers, ladies and gents – let’s share this cocktail (well, you have yours and I’ll have mine;  we I don’t freely share my cocktails).

  17. AHHH! Cannot. Look. Away.

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  1. laurel says:

    Thank you for including my cocktail and your Robin Williams articles are spot on. Have a wonderful weekend

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