Saturday Sites: Week Thirty-Four


  1. I have never been a breakfast at breakfast time kind of girl. I’m not alone!

  2. Growing up, every single one of these foods were things I enjoyed… and would still happily enjoy!

  3. 10 confessions of being an INFJ (my Myers-Briggs personality type) in a relationship.

  4. How has public swearing changed over the course of my lifetime? P.S. I am totally guilty (without feeling guilty) for swearing all the goddamn time.

  5. And on that note, this made me laugh.

  6. I would like this for dessert food and breakfast food. Okay, thanks.

  7. This prank video made me literally LOL. (And cringe for typing “LOL.”)

  8. There is an epidemic occurring… I hope euthanasia isn’t the only solution!

  9. I love this photographer’s self-portrait project! (But do not aim to duplicate her process…)

  10. It’s good there isn’t a particular season for enjoying ice cream… ’tis good at all times in the year! I would like to make (and eat, or just eat) this kind.

  11. This 4-year-old’s restaurant review of the renown French Laundry is delightful.

  12. Being married to a musician, I know the infamous guitar-soloist-face… Does it sometimes look like the soloist in question is holding a giant slug? Absolutely!

  13. Here are some ways to maximize the benefits of drinking water, based on when you consume it throughout the day.

  14. I’ve always loved Mara Wilson. Her remembrance post for Robin Williams was a touching, worthy read.

  15. Last week my sister shared an image with me called “A Map of the Introvert’s Heart.” I found a similar image called “The Map of an Introvert’s Brain” and am certain this is indeed my brain!

  16. True, it’s only August, but the holidays will creep up on us as we know it… Here are some great non-toy gift ideas for kids!

  17. Ladies, hell yeah to this list.

  18. Yum, yum, yum, these sweet corn arepas sound delish!

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  1. Manda says:

    Well looks like we may still share a brain because that is very much a map of my brain! <3

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