Saturday Sites: Week Thirty-Five


  1. This is part of why we tend to check out hole-in-the-wall spots versus trendy restaurants… No nuts’n’herbs with a token vegetarian, likely pasta, dish for us.

  2. YUM, this gluten-free peach cobbler sounds DELICIOUS and local peaches are arriving here currently!

  3. These breastfeeding covers are most excellent.

  4. This piece on how to calm your mind without sitting down to meditate was a good read.

  5. A different perspective on nude portraits…

  6. I love the relationship between this kid and his grandmother!

  7. I had never heard of muhammara, but I would happily give this a try!

  8. I also love whiskey… Here are 23 ways to enjoy it.

  9. Because I am a child, I find this hilarious. I make no apologies abutt it.

  10. While we’re at it, this is some real informative shit!

  11. These words are a good reminder.

  12. Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages? Apparently I am equal parts Quality Time and Physical Touch. How about you?

  13. Did you know that Barbie recently acquired an Instagram account? Really.

  14. Mornings and evenings are certainly getting cooler around here… Fall is coming!

  15. Oh boy, this sounds like a good late summer, early fall kind of stew/soup!

  16. I fully believe in the necessity of “doing nothing” sometimes.

  17. Hmm… I admit, as a high school student, I totally offered up allowance money for Taco Bell food when my friends left campus to get some. Would I eat these things, even for $1, now? Probably not.

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