Saturday Sites: Week Thirty-Six


  1. Holy crap, I was feeling this at the beginning of the week, too!

  2. Nine months of video footage condensed into one Vine video… and it’s a beautiful one.

  3. Yummy, this strata from Deb at Smitten Kitchen sounds tasty!

  4. Hmmm… My twenties are almost over! How did that happen?

  5. I’d really like someone to make me these pancakes, please.

  6. This version of Sara Bareilles’ song, “Uncharted.

  7. Just yes, this. This is good.

  8. Every state’s most notable chain restaurant, in map form.

  9. Let’s all put more love into the world.

  10. Okay, I feel like I need to apologize for this being amongst this list… but I laughed so hard I teared up and couldn’t breathe. (P.S. I am obviously 2 years old.)

  11. This cake is intriguing to me.

  12. The response this mom had for a problem on her kid’s math homework is EXACTLY my feeling and thoughts when I tried helping Silas with math homework last year. Let’s see how this year goes…

  13. Hahaha, IT’S TRUE.

  14. I need a little Cards Against Humanity in my life.

  15. The truth is, I have been both shy and introverted my entire life thus far.

  16. This week, my back and shoulders have been killing me. I may even try these moves. Yoga ain’t my thang.

  17. These words are important and honest.

  18. This photo project, You Are My Wild is frickin’ beautiful and so very lovely (seriously).

  19. The ingredients in this oatmeal certainly have me curious!

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