Saturday Sites: Week Thirty-Seven

First of all, my apologies for the lack of any recipes this week. We’ve had a whirlwind week of kids, then running up to Portland to pick up my father-in-law and his wife, bringing them back to Ashland with us, then spending much of our time enjoying their visit. That said, I thought I’d at least share these links and tomorrow, some photos, for this week. Here are some of my favorite places around the inter-webs this week:

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  1. I don’t typically like to dwell on thoughts like this, wherein I wonder what I would’ve done differently at XX year of my life. However… if you could go back and re-live being 18, what would you have done different?

  2. The summer I turned 21, I almost died from bacterial spinal meningitis. I was in the hospital for nearly two weeks, much of that time in the ICU. If I had hospital meals like some of these, that would have been a HUGE step up from my weird combinations of dry chicken, rice, flavorless broth, over-steamed vegetables, jello, flavorless tea and black coffee, and other shenanigans.

  3. Although rum tends to get me in more trouble than any other kind of liquor, these popsicles sound delicious!

  4. I’m not a huge fan of the ALS bucket challenge floating around the internet, let’s be real. I fully support making donations as you feel inclined and don’t think some public display of dumping ice water over your head has any real selfless purpose. These folks… perhaps they should have shied away from the ice bucket challenge.

  5. This man has been one of my favorite musicians over the last decade. New album release, woohoo!

  6. One of my favorite flavors of potato chips, turned into crispy little chickpeas. Recipe bookmarked.

  7. If I had daughters, or a daughter, I would share most of these things with her.

  8. Hah! I love that I can text our kids and they all fully appreciate some dry, inappropriate, sarcastic humor.

  9. I do wish that my parents could text… I think it’d be highly entertaining much of the time!

  10. Alrighty, this made me laugh.

  11. Oh-em-gee. WHY is this a thing?!

  12. Hey YOU, yeah YOU, I want to know what’s on YOUR nectar list!

  13. The differences in what’s available to you for $1500/month rent in different states is crazy.

  14. Let’s make … let’s  eatlet’s make and eat this bread, it sounds tasty!

  15. Hahahaha… WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?! I want to meet Doo Doo Dan.

  16. I’d also like these pants, please.

  17. We could also make this bread, but I might eat it all.

  18. These homemade lunches are inspiring. I’ll be honest. We just finished the second week of school and I am totally OVER the idea of packing kid lunches. Don’t tell.

  19. I would like some of this, maybe now, okay?

  20. Let’s have these Mexican corn croquettes in our future.

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  1. Baby June says:

    Great links as usual! Loving those sea salt vinegar chickpea crisps!

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