Saturday Sites: Week Forty-Two


  1. These inappropriate spelling mistakes from kids made/makes me literally LOL.

  2. I often over-think salads. Seriously. This is a good reminder.

  3. There are some important things in this article.

  4. It’s true that I could probably eat an entire block of tofu myself, especially prepared like this!

  5. Are you curious about milks other than dairy milk? Our kids are huge fans of vanilla rice milk, of which I do not care for. I like a good vanilla almond or cashew milk. For cooking, I do prefer dairy, however.

  6. Hah — number 22.

  7. What kids all around the world eat for breakfast.

  8. An interesting read and a simple concept!

  9. I immediately need to know who this guys is (mainly because I’m an asshole).

  10. Let’s make (but more importantly, eat!) this stew.

  11. I think there are huge importances in these words: It did however give way to my biggest triumph in life, in that of using vulnerability to eradicate shame. I can relate to this deeply and admire Abigail’s bravery.

  12. This was probably the story of my life from about the ages of 11 through 22.

  13. ‘Tis the time of year where I say, I will not, I will not, I will not make pumpkin flavored ANYTHING. However, this pumpkin curry that is cooked in the crock pot is enticing!

  14. These are one of my favorite kinds of cookies. Except I would make a different filling because marshmallow fluff ain’t my thang.

  15. I admit… I have listened to this song about half a billion, maybe a whole billion times this week. We lost a very dear friend who is, and was, much too young to not be here anymore. He is who I think of when I listen to this.

  16. Hah! Drunk J Crew models?

  17. I. Feel. All. These. Things. Please don’t be offended.

  18. These cookies are happening in my kitchen this week.

  19. This site is crazy-mesmerizing.

  20. Yes, to these words.

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3 Responses to Saturday Sites: Week Forty-Two

  1. Manda says:

    Haha I miss our fatty runs though I certainly don’t need any these days! I made the oatmeal chocolate chip ones. So simple, so good. Pretty crumbly as a dough but bake up perfectly. I recommend slight under cooking. And half a batch as they are actually pretty rich. I had to take them to work and give them away as they were so sweet with all that chocolate (although I used milk chocolate instead of semisweet as that us all I had, makes a big difference I think). Miss you!

  2. Julie Hashimoto-McCreery says:

    Manda! The cream filled ones or the chocolate chip ones? I NEED TO KNOW. Haha, so I know which I’m making first! :) Miss you. Wish I had known how to cook when we lived together. I have mastered a vegetarian version of the burger/fries/milkshake we used to spend all our hard earned money on when we made our fatty-runs! <3

  3. Manda says:

    Those cookies happened in my kitchen last night because I couldn’t resist and they were amazing!

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