Saturday Sites: Week Forty-Four


  1. Although I am officially out of my 20’s beginning in June of next year, these thoughts… Hah!

  2. In honor of Halloween yesterday… What would happen if all the creepy kids from horror movies went to daycare together?

  3. This soup… please! I shall make it with the abundance of homegrown tomatoes that still remain in our garden.

  4. It has taken me a long time to be able to do this. And it hasn’t come perfectly, still doesn’t happen every time I wish I would do this… but progress in this regard is totally relative.

  5. Vincent is a huge fan of vegan caesar dressing. At nearly $5/bottle and the fact that said bottle will be half empty the day I buy it, we cannot afford that shit. Haha. This recipe for creamy vegan herb salad dressing (with tofu!) sounds delish. And will likely be the base of (very near) future dressing experiments I plan to have.

  6. If someone came and brought me this bread, I would likely eat the entire loaf in one sitting.

  7. How is your pie-making game?  My particular game could use some help!

  8. Are you a persistent Instagrammer of all your food adventures? (Guilty. But… no guilty feelings.) Here are some reasons you SHOULD Instagram-share-your-food.

  9. Do you love spanakopita?  I love spanakopita.  I’ve never made it though. These strudel versions sound yummy.

  10. Perhaps I will make it a goal in this lifetime to stay at every single one of these places.

  11. Disney princesses with better waistlines?

  12. Tequila: are you a sipper or a shooter? Since I am not at all a fan of crappy tequila, I’m more of a sipper–tequila is not cheap when you opt for good quality. Plus I prefer it on ice. With lime. And without salt.

  13. Eeeee! This pie is blowing my mind.

  14. The unofficial Halloween candy exchange rate.

  15. Creamy oatmeal? Oh yes. Dairy-free creamy oatmeal? Even better.

  16. Kindness… Be beautifully nice to people.

  17. This photograph makes me very happy. In an entirely nerdy kind of way.

  18. What does your sleep position say about you? I am equal parts “Thinker” and “Yearner.”

  19. Around here, superfoods are everywhere. Here are 9 superfoods you may or may not know about

  20. I enjoy a good walk. Probably because I don’t drive… Here are some reasons we walk… and ways to walk better…

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