Saturday Sites: Week Forty-Five


  1. Famous movie titles with one letter removed, then the newly titled movies illustrated. Love.

  2. Daylight Savings Time doesn’t exist in my home state of Hawaii. Even after 11 years of living in Oregon, I still think DST sucks. Haha

  3. I had my first bahn mi ever this week. I want more. And perhaps my homemade adventure will begin something like this.

  4. Tater tot nachos? Sounds much better to me than regular nachos. I would probably add more to these, but I like the idea!

  5. This is what it was like when my family who wasn’t from Hawaii would come and visit! (The real painful, funny thing is the incorrectness of the “correct” pronunciations!) GEEZE. :)

  6. I am very curious about this vegetarian sloppy joe.

  7. This article! “Why I Let My Kids Eat Junk Food.” I really, thoroughly enjoyed this read and related to numerous thoughts and ideas that Jaden shared.

  8. I hope I never, never experience a single one of these health “professionals.” (Also, if a doctor ever starts looking for my thyroid in a rectal exam, I may hurt him/her.)

  9. I love, love, love this style of tattoo. Perhaps I shall draw my third one in this fashion!

  10. There are elements in every single one of these kitchens I wish my tiny kitchen had!

  11. I am very curious about this particular soup!

  12. Bwahaha! I love these new suggestions for security questions!

  13. I really love the taste of gingerbread. My grandma always made the best. I’ll guess that these gingerbread muffins would be delicious.

  14. I wish drunken pigs were the main worry I’d have when camping around here!

  15. I’d like these pants, please. In many colors. And then I shall live in them F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

  16. These words are so good. And were so very needed this week.

  17. I’m making it my goal to learn how to be excited about making and eating soup. This West African peanut soup sounds like a good place to start.

  18. I died so many, many times watching this video.

  19. While I knew about the majority of these iPhone hacks, there were a couple I didn’t know yet!

  20. This is inspirational to me. It’s what I would love to do with a majority of our backyard.

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