Saturday Sites: Week Forty-Seven


  1. This is/would be an EXCELLENT way to pass the time while stuck in traffic!

  2. Some key points in making the best grilled cheese sandwich! (And that mayonnaise trick is totally worth it.)

  3. I absolutely love gingerbread! These gluten-free chewy ginger molasses cookies sound right up my alley!

  4. Oh heyyyy. I’d like to eat ALL of these banana-type-things.

  5. I am certain… this is my new favorite song. And music video. WHAT.

  6. An excellent rundown of modern Thanksgiving etiquette!

  7. These may be the best life/food hacks I have come across so far.

  8. I’ve got my eyes on this pineapple pie

  9. My very OCD-like brain really appreciates this Thanksgiving prep timeline for the upcoming week!

  10. This short little article gives me some hope about my dancing abilities!

  11. Fish burger is my favorite type of burger… this one doesn’t look like it’d disappoint!

  12. This is one of my favorite HuffPost series to read.

  13. If I had, or made, a Thanksgiving meal that consisted purely of side dishes, I WOULD BE IN HEAVEN.

  14. This tofu ricotta intrigues me… and the butternut squash lasagna also sounds like a fun recipe to try.

  15. I’m pretty sure that this bread would go over very, very well around here!

  16. Here is a good reminder for the rest of the week

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