Saturday Sites: Week Forty-Eight


  1. The most popular Google-searched Thanksgiving dish state-by-state.  I don’t know what funeral potatoes, spinach maria, cookie salad, frog eye salad, mirliton casserole or snicker salads are…

  2. I equally love this song and this video.

  3. Although I don’t think I’ve ever seen a yeasted corn bread before, I am intrigued.

  4. There is a lot to be said in and of this post, regarding the Ferguson decision this week.

  5. Let’s have this cocktail.

  6. Now that Oregon has legalized marijuana, I wonder if this will happen more frequently, come July 2015… Teehee.

  7. This blueberry crostata looks and sounds quite lovely.

  8. The not-so-elusive-man-cold: it’s totally a thing.

  9. Kid jokes… are some of the best dang jokes.

  10. Hah! Bartenders must think I’m hot. ;)

  11. Wish I had seen this recipe before we demolished most of the Thanksgiving leftovers!

  12. Bwahaha… the perks of being a Gemini! Minus number 3. And also, I most certainly NEED coffee. Constantly.

  13. The very first time I saw this, I thought these were real fish!

  14. I like the spices this recipe asks for… and I’ll bet it would be tasty!

  15. Obviously this poor girl doesn’t realize that turkeys are birds… and lay eggs

  16. This list, for parents

  17. I think bahn mi sandwiches mainly intrigue me because of the pickled vegetables… These tacos are no exception.

  18. What I learned from going to New York City with $100 and no hostel reservations

  19. Grilled cheese sammiches on top of my pizza?! I think yes.

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