Saturday Sites: Week Forty-Nine + Fifty


  1. This article titled, “Being an ‘Elephant Mom’ in the Time of the Tiger Mother” is a good read, although I think when it comes to parenting there are times to take on both roles for the benefit of our kids.

  2. Certainly my kind of granola!

  3. This photo series makes my heart both happy and deeply sad. One of my favorite modern photographers, specifically for his ability to conjure those feelings with nearly every image.

  4. I’m pretty sure I’d like this cocktail, please!

  5. Would you like to have a brain orgasm?!

  6. San Francisco, as explained in emojis.

  7. These 28 rules for fathers of sons… Yes. Seeing as I live in a home with a husband and two boys.

  8. This is the kind of prank I would thoroughly enjoy pulling!

  9. Do you know how to make a perfectly rounded muffin?

  10. I’ve got some fantastic ideas for upcoming baking projects!

  11. This article had me cracking up… and hoping that I don’t ever require an MRI.

  12. As well, on the topic of farts (sorry not sorry)…

  13. This list of healthy vegetarian freezer meal ideas is chock full of some good looking recipes!

  14. Just… YES.

  15. Some of these things I can relate to…

  16. I love overnight oats so very much. This version would be lovely this time of year.

  17. What in the world… THESE CREEPY RENAISSANCE BABIES?!

  18. Just   two    three words: HOMEMADE JELLY DOUGHNUTS.

  19. I love the look of these cookies. (Literally!)

  20. This performance.

  21. I can appreciate these words.

  22. These shortbread cookies sound delicious to me!

  23. And this bread makes my brain say, “whooooooowhat?!”

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