Saturday Sites: Week Fifty-Two


  1. Hendrick’s Gin is my favorite gin… and this cocktail with it sounds tasty!

  2. I am curious about this brown rice casserole!

  3. I enjoyed this piece of writing.

  4. This list of 20 food blog trends that need to disappear in 2015 made me laugh… Seriously, though…

  5. The Huffington Post complied a list of the best books in 2014. I hope to read more in 2015.

  6. Oh hey, these dads!

  7. Silas introduced me to the original version of this music video… but this one is SO MUCH BETTER.

  8. I am not Puerto Rican in even the least bit, but I informed my husband that this is how I cook when I am alone.

  9. Hmm… kids ARE creepy. ;)

  10. ‘Tis the season for baking… but these no-bake cookies are intriguing!

  11. Boastfully, here is a pasta recipe that claims to be the only one you’ll need for the fall and winter. Sounds good to me.

  12. These words!

13. Noodles, noodles, noodles. I could probably eat this particular bowl of noodles every day.

  1. I equally love the sound of this recipe and the photos in this post!

15. These words, for you, for the new year.

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