Saturday Sites: Week Two


  1. This video makes me so happy… Also, am I the only one concerned about frostbite?!

  2. These sentiments are beautiful.

  3. Bwahaha… toddler quotes are some of my favorite quotes. P.S. I always wear my angry eyebrows.

  4. I’d love to make and eat all of these soups, please.

  5. Have you been listening to the Serial podcast? I binge-listened over the course of two days. But what if Serial were a romantic comedy?!

  6. I can relate to this.

  7. I am completely nerdy in the way I appreciate charts and numeric explanations… Also, as of today I am exactly 5 months shy of being 30… and at 30, zero fucks can be given! #ThingsToLookForwardTo

  8. The holiday season came and went with such a blur this year. Usually it takes until at least March before I want sweets again… but these cookies… yes, please.

  9. There is something in these words that I love so very much.

  10. “What is that, a hairy country?!” Despite my husband’s statement upon seeing this, it’s actually a mesmerizing map of wind

  11. This is a good list.

  12. These tacos!

  13. I’ll confess: Silas generally eats school lunches. Sometimes he’ll ask me to pack him a lunch, but I hesitate. Because the last 3 years have taught me that if I pack a lunch, he’ll eat half of it at best. If I put less food, he’ll eat half of THAT. On the days I don’t pack a lunch, I wish I could trust he’d get school lunches like these though…

  14. Perhaps I will start stocking our freezer up with these guys.

  15. Did YOUR parents give you “The Talk?” I don’t think mine did… I had an older sister, her friends, and BOOKS. Thank goodness for books.

  16. I’m intrigued by this banana bread.

  17. YES. To all of these teachers. Haha.

  18. This video is mesmerizing, for better or worse…
    For better or worse, these snowmen give me some building-ideas…

  19. I enjoyed these words this week.

  20. Are you a fan of egg drop soup? I certainly am, and look forward to trying out this recipe.

  21. I am turning thirty this year. Things to look forward to

  22. Little houses intrigue me.

  23. Egg rolls made into banh mi sandwiches? YES!

  24. Note to self.

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