Saturday Sites: Week Eleven


1.) I made my first 7-minute egg this week. I have far from perfected it… but I will.

2.) This dance is beautiful.

3.) Lets eat all these potatoes.

4.) I’m almost certain this someday needs to exist in my wardrobe… Heh heh heh.

5.) What can happen if you put your cell phone away for a week?

6.) These words are eloquent, beautiful and tender.

7.) I forgot how much I enjoy overnight oats, even if I don’t typically eat them until lunch time. This recipe reminded me to get back into them.

8.) Photos of the meals doomsday preppers would eat in the event of an apocalypse.

9.) For the girls who drink whiskey! (Hey that’s me!)

10.) All the buns, please!

11.) I’d love to visit this place.

12.) I am getting closer…!

13.) I cannot decide if I would love or hate staying here.

14.) YES, please!

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