Saturday Sites: Week Fifteen

Forbidden Rice Blog | Saturday Sites Fifteen

1.) Tell me your story! I’m nosey. ;) I was walking in the woods with my husband. I came upon a white, freckle-backed horse. The horse looked at us, nodded its head and went on back to eating grass. Walking further, we happened up on a medium-sized cottage, surrounded by flowers and a mismatched fence. In the house was a large old barnwood table. On the table sat a vase of wildflowers, ceramic bowls that are beautifully painted. The cup I found was also ceramic, beautifully painted. I picked it up, held it gently and looked to see what was inside. The body of water I came upon was a huge ocean. I fully submerged myself. — The end of my “story” and what it means is cracking me up. Again.

2.) I’m an older-middle child of four!

3.) Rememberance of Things Lost: As we increasingly outsource our memories to devices, we may be forgetting the pleasures of imperfect recall.

4.) Eyebrows are surprisingly fascinating!

5.) Drunk people paired with fitness quotes. Hehehe!

6.) Lets eat alllll the beet salad. Kthxbaiiii.

7.) What anti-vaxxers sound like to normal folks. (KARA!)

8.) Things only women with low-maintenance fashion sense understand… Bwahaha- numbers 1 and 7!

9.) Are you a wash-every-wear kind of person? How often do we really need to wash certain articles of clothing?

10.) This video makes me happy.

11.) Auto-correct texts make me laugh all the damn time. These mom-texts are top-notch!

12.) These words. I think it’s important for people to know that it’s entirely okay to not-be-okay all the time. To be entirely honest, some days I still struggle with this. Its taken years of learning to realize the importance and empowerment of owning feelings. Negative ones, too. End soapbox here.

13.) I do enjoy a good bread pudding… and I do believe this would be a good one!

14.) All these things! Haha. 14 signs you really married the right person.

15.) I enjoy my freckles.

16.) Introverts may see the world more accurately than extroverts.

17.) Yelp reviews of newborn babies, anyone? Haha!

18.) I’m trying to think of how to request one of these bunnies for my 30th birthday in two months.

19.) I’d enjoy this cocktail, I do believe!

20.) A reminder.

21.) Let’s eat this lemon tart. Thank you.

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