Saturday Sites: Week Seventeen


1.) I love a good eggy-cheesy sammich at all hours of the day. This is how I shall make them every day from here on out!

2.) My newest favorite instagram account to follow!

3.) Pretty much all of these things were accurate when I moved from Kaua’i to Oregon.

4.) Bringing eye contact back to the 21st century… This is funny. And sad.

5.) I’m looking forward to trying these tortillas.

6.) Also, even though I am not from Oahu, this video makes me homesick.

7.) What it feels like to try and go to sleep.

8.) This post makes my OCD brain want to go organize the fridge… immediately.

9.) I’d like to make… but mostly eat… this bread.

10.) I forgot how much I love this song.

11.) Have you ever heard of cat plants?

12.) Let’s drink lots of Brazilian lemonade.

13.) This is how I feel about being in my garden.

14.) Some of these made me laugh so damn hard.

15.) Having been to numerous music events and festivals (seeing as my hubby’s a musician), Coachella isn’t one we’ve gont to yet… But I would like to eat all the food there, thanks! (Except maybe #11.)

16.) A reminder for all of us.

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