Saturday Sites: Week Twenty-Seven

Forbidden Rice Blog | Saturday Sites Week 27, 2015

1.) YES! Encourage more play!

2.) I’ve lived in Ashland for nearly 12 years now, but my birthplace and origin for the first 18 years of my life still says home.

3.) But speaking of small town living

4.) Let’s make maple bars when the it doesn’t feel like an inferno turning on the oven in the house…

5.) A lot of parents of young children can probably relate to this piece of art.

6.) 12 comics that nail the reality of parenthood. Numbers 3, 5, and 6. Bwahahaha.

7.) This moment is priceless. (And also, the three women on the right end are still smiling!)

8.) I cannot wait to make these popsicles.

9.) My inner OCD self enjoys this post.

10.) Camping food tips, tricks, and ideas. ‘Tis the season!

11.) This. Being raw and vulnerable with the wolf at the door.

12.) I feel like the number of times I watched this and laughed makes me a terrible person (but I don’t care, it’s funny!).

13.) I’m also probably an asshole for thinking this video is hilarious.

14.) I’d tweak this a bit… and probably use fresh mahi mahi or halibut!

15.) A dose of culinary medicine sends med students to the kitchen. I would love to take a classe like this.

16.) This makes my heart happy.

17.) I’ve been enjoying this podcast.

18.) This video.

19.) A little reminder.

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