Saturday Sites: Week Twenty-Nine

Forbidden Rice Blog | Saturday Sites Week 29 2015

1.) My new favorite song.

2.) A good read from someone who spent years cleaning rich folks’ houses.

3.) Dr. Seuss explaining pregnancy is excellent.

4.) A cocktail I’d like to investigate!

5.) Here’s to you mamas of boys!

6.) My husband once told me, “I don’t like a dog whose tail makes it where you can see his asshole when he walks.” HAHA. I discovered that there is an existing solution to his dilemma!

7.) ‘This the season for a delicious cold brew!

8.) This dude.

9.) How would you enjoy living in one of these?

10.) Dance-ish.

11.) This pasta with mushrooms and a creamy mustard sauce sounds right up my alley.

12.) These photos of celebration outside Supreme Court after same-sex marriage was made legal in all 50 states are beautiful.

13.) I hate wearing shoes in the house! Here are some other reasons.

14.) Oh yes, I’d love to eat all these tots!

15.) I couldn’t imagine being 21, or any age, living this life. Gorgeous captures.

16.) This salad is not only delicious sounding, but so dang pretty!

17.) 26-year-old Frida Kahlo’s letter to then-46-year-old Georgia O’Keeffe

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