Saturday Sites: Week Thirty-One


1.) This is the story of my life. Bwahaha.

2.) There are tiny eggplants on my two eggplant-plants. I shall eventually make this.

3.) I am sorry and totally not sorry about this.

4.) 30 books every woman needs to read, no matter what your favorite genre is.

5.) Happiness is this video.

6.) All I can think about are all the flavors of mochi ice cream I can make.

7.) I just made my first batch of cold press chicory coffee and oh dear sweet little baby Jesus, it’s delicious.

8.) I shall grow a pizza farm with taquito trees

9.) This ice cream sounds deliciously bonkers.

10.) This is actually, probably, me.

11.) Food tattoos! A lot of these are gorgeous! I particularly like the olives.

12.) This pie is gorgeous!

13.) Perhaps it’s good there isn’t an IKEA nearby because after reading this list, I suddenly feel like my kitchen wants lots of new presents!

14.) This sounds somewhat like an easy way to make a lasagna-type of dish. I like lasagna. And ravioli. And spinach. And sometimes, easy recipes.

15.) I’m pretty sure this is my favorite Instagram account, currently. I am also sure every plate I create from now on needs dorito soil and fancy moss.

16.) My favorite peaches are in season and this ice cream cake sounds like a good way to put them to use. Perhaps just the ice cream, no cake.

17.) Play this game and win free Chipotle. : ) I just won a buy one-get on free coupon.

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