Saturday Sites: Week Thirty-Three


1.) If I were better at photoshop, I think this would be a fun endeavor

2.) I’m curious about this recipe.

3.) 9 Books to Read by the Time You’re 30. I haven’t read most of these yet, so perhaps 9 books to read in your 30’s?

4.) This short film clip on addiction is worth watching.

5.) 8 Reasons Why Mentally Strong Adults Were Usually Emotionally Sensitive Kids.

6.) Real struggles for people with thick hair. The struggle really is REAL.

7.) I Followed My Mom Around Costco and This Is What I Learned.

8.) I have watched this approximately 4,000 times… and it makes me giggle every single time. “You don’t have any syrup?”

9.) Saveur’s 50 best sandwiches… and lots of them look deeee-licious!

10.) I feel like our backyard needs this.

11.) According to psychologists, coloring is the best alternative to meditation. I knew there was a reason I’ve been investigating these adult coloring books!

12.) I might drink all the drinks.

13.) These words.

14.) We are very big fans of burritos around here… and I am thoroughly surprised at some of the places the following “33 best burritos in America” are located.

15.) Some important words: urinal pranks.

16.) These images make me wish I’d tried to watch the Perseid meteor shower this week!

17.) This rosé lemonade sounds like a good, easy, drink alternative for the end of summer.

18.) I shall add this to my Christmas want-list.

19.) How would you sum up your life in six words?

20.) Yes. Loudly.

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One Response to Saturday Sites: Week Thirty-Three

  1. Tim Dawes says:

    Hey Julie,
    I was searching for some articles about raising good kids today and I came across your link to the one that kicked off my interest, upworthy’s Harvard Study on Raising Moral and Nice Kids.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that I created a similar article, only more up-to-date with the research included, anecdotes from parents, and actionable steps: Raising Good Kids: 6 Tips and the Science Behind Them.

    Here’s the link:

    Might be another good source for your page.

    Either way, keep up the fun work.


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