Saturday Sites: Week Thirty-Seven


1.) Fourteen simple psychological tricks everyone should know.

2.) This interview is good.

3.) Do you know the best way to consume water?

4.) Fifty-eight things I want my teenage son to know. This is good.

5.) These scones are very Fall-ish and sound delish-ish.

6.) When the truth hurts.

7.) Oh noooo… Oh YES. It’s me.

8.) A new gift-giving trend

9.) Eating late at night really IS bad for you… well, shit! That is when I crave a cheese sammich. With extra yellow mustard and pickles. Seriously.

10.) I secretly not so secretly like to listen to Taylor Swift sometimes. Don’t judge me.

11.) If my kid is being an asshole, I want you to tell me. Seriously.

12.) Scientific evidence that getting outside can help depression.

13.) I’d like to be friends.

14.) The top six wines that pair with your kid’s crappy behavior! (HAH!)

15.) These photographs make my heart happy.

16.) WHAT?! Who is this guy?!

17.) These high school student analogies make me laugh in a very, very nerdy kind of way. “Joy fills her heart like a silent but deadly fart fills a room with no windows.”

18.) Overcoming love addiction one apple martini at a time.

19.) 10 things the adult child of an addict wants you to know.

20.) I appreciate this tattoo artist’s work.

21.) All the bombay potatoes, please!

22.) These images make me miss the ocean so damn much.

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