Saturday Sites: Week Forty-Seven

Some lovely places around the inter-nettings for your general amusement and entertainment.

1.) I must be creatively BRILLIANT.

2.) Oh great googly moogly! I wish I knew how to knit!


4.) One of my best friends of over 20 years just had a baby. I imagine this dialogue…

5.) I think this cheesecake is in my near future…

6.) This is FANTASTIC news for my innards.

7.) This is one of the most honest internet posts I’ve seen in awhile…

8.) Choose her (or him) every day.

9.) Oooh, I was into this current hip fad before it was a current hip fad.

10.) This makes me giggle.

11.) This mosaic of Donald Trump is most excellent!

12.) These realistic family photos… YES.

13.) Better for depression than Prozac. Lift your spirits with turmeric lemonade.

14.) I would like this nutmeg maple cream pie, please.

15.) You won’t remember, but I will

16.) Things we still ask our moms… I most certainly still do!

17.) This is how much sex the happiest couples have.

18.) This makes me laugh much more than necessary.

19.) I absolutely love this photo gallery.

20.) This song, I’ve listened to over and over again this week…

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