Saturday Sites: Week Eight


1.) Okay, this made me laugh.

2.) Oh mean tweets.

3.) The best way to put your sourdough starter on hold! (And I think this would be excellent for gifting!)

4.) Real-talk about the new “reactions” Facebook unleashed this week

5.) How have I not known about these until now?

6.) Sometimes I read posts like this intending to learn how to do something with my crazy-long hairs…but then I realize the messy bun is my only friend. Hehe!

7.) Seven signs you should be taking probiotics.

8.) This would probably make me never want to eat chocolate.

9.) Nineteen unconventional ways you know you’ve reached adulthood (even if you still feel like a child).

10.) Are you guilty of these kitchen habits?!

11.) I enjoyed this video of parmigiano reggiano being made.

12.) These sixty seconds of February.

13.) Twenty-seven tweets to sum up your relationship with your toddler. Yes.

14.) I’d like this breakfast, please!

15.) And Rosa Parks’ peanut butter pancakes while we’re at it!

16.) Kids reading to dogs. In case your day needs some cuteness in it.

17.) Absolutely.

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