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Saturday Sites: Week Twelve

Saturday Sites - 12

1.) This instagram account cracks me up.

2.) How long do leftovers really last?

3.) I do, I do, I do-ooo like the idea of these rolls!

4.) I hope this is how you all drive…

5.) The W though.

6.) Natural food dyes from real ingredients.

7.) I think this is an important piece.

8.) This bread/cake needs to be in my very-near-future!

9.) One of my favorite authors… I look forward to reading this book as well!

10.) This ice cream sounds like something I’d want to make and not share with any-damn-body!

11.) This soup, before soup-weather is gone!

12.) Glad I wasn’t having sushi at this place at the time!

13.) We had vegan patatas bravas once… these sound equally delicious!

14.) This poem, on loss.

15.) This makes me excited to try homemade red bean paste!

16.) I really enjoyed reading these words.

17.) Proof of evolution in your body.

18.) Lemony desserts are my favorite desserts

19.) This is the kind of meal I dream about.

Saturday Sites: Week Eleven

Saturday Sites -11

1.) Puppies or food. Puppies or food. Food or puppies?

2.) I almost always make my own corn tortillas… but the color/flavor variations here are lovely!

3.) Twenty-two things to do for yourself in your 30s.

4.) I want this lemon pien-o-w.

5.) This personal essay [Abortion Wasn’t Part of My Birth Plan] is heartbreaking, honest, and brave.

6.) I knew there was a reason I like to sleep in!

7.) Modern womanhood in nine illustrations.

8.) Are you feeling a little down? Studies done show walking in nature has positive mental benefits and can reduce the risk of depression.

9.) These photos are excellent!

10.) Late night snack ideas that are 150 or less calories. Exciting for my nightly 11:30pm food cravings.

11.) For all mothers. A reminder no one is alone!

12.) I’m glad these cookies didn’t go extinct!

13.) If toddlers had Facebook.

14.) I kid you not, this is my kind of breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

15.) I’ll bet this video makes you smile

16.) Here’s a Skimm view of the election happening in 2016.

17.) I am very very curious about this South African milk pudding from Ouma Hannie!

Saturday Sites: Week Nine

Saturday 9 2016

1.) This makes my OCD brain so happy.

2.) This cake is beautiful!

3.) I really, really don’t like the texture of rehydrated chia seeds. However! This pudding with its blended-up-ness intrigues me!

4.) Everybody’s mind has an asshole in it sometimes… ;)

5.) This post regarding Trump.

6.) Are you having a bad day?

7.) A lingerie company has studied, then decided, there are 7 boob types!

8.) One hundred hugs.

9.) On the day I die

10.) This look at the dresses during the Oscars.

11.) Hide and Seek with little kids never fails to crack me up!

12.) John Oliver regarding Trump.

13.) GAH! The anxiety!

14.) The secret meaning hidden within these 50 words

15.) After I die, this is my second best hope for what folks decide to do with me.

16.) Cookies for breakfast.

Saturday Sites: Week Eight


1.) Okay, this made me laugh.

2.) Oh mean tweets.

3.) The best way to put your sourdough starter on hold! (And I think this would be excellent for gifting!)

4.) Real-talk about the new “reactions” Facebook unleashed this week

5.) How have I not known about these until now?

6.) Sometimes I read posts like this intending to learn how to do something with my crazy-long hairs…but then I realize the messy bun is my only friend. Hehe!

7.) Seven signs you should be taking probiotics.

8.) This would probably make me never want to eat chocolate.

9.) Nineteen unconventional ways you know you’ve reached adulthood (even if you still feel like a child).

10.) Are you guilty of these kitchen habits?!

11.) I enjoyed this video of parmigiano reggiano being made.

12.) These sixty seconds of February.

13.) Twenty-seven tweets to sum up your relationship with your toddler. Yes.

14.) I’d like this breakfast, please!

15.) And Rosa Parks’ peanut butter pancakes while we’re at it!

16.) Kids reading to dogs. In case your day needs some cuteness in it.

17.) Absolutely.

Saturday Sites: Week Seven

Saturday Sites - 7

1.) What romance really means after ten years of marriage. (Relatable even after nearly five years of marriage…)

2.) Dark origins of Valentine’s Day.

3.) This swimsuit would make me feel like I was seven again. (Though at seven, my parents would never have bought me a $158 suit – as they damn well shouldn’t have! Ha!)

4.) I like watching these little roses being made.

5.) This version of “Hotline Bling” is excellent.

6.) Also… this version of Justin Bieber’s song. Hehe.

7.) Don’t forget to remember your friends’ sad anniversaries, too.

8.) Why you should be sleeping with your hair in a bun. I do it not for any of these reasons…just because if I don’t, I get tangled in my own hair! Haha!

9.) This is terrifying and hilarious.

10.) How tall will your kids be? I don’t know how accurate this is. My height was spot on when calculated this way… However, my older stepkid is 6’5″ at 17 years old. This predicts he’d be about 6’1. My guess is my other stepkid will be at least 6’7″ or 6’8″… this predicts 6’3″ or so.

11.) I’m intrigued by this recipe!

12.) You’ve probably seen this video by now. I’ve always been super impressed and intrigued by gymnasts!

13.) Kids losing their shit over nothing still cracks me up.

14.) These ultimate winter bowls look as gorgeous as they sound yummy.

15.) These photos and the story there… I like the rawness.

16.) Mental benefits of exercising. Yes!