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Everyday Life: Weeks 18, 19, 20 and 21

I keep saying I’ll come back to this space and share tea number of recipes…yet the days seem to escape me, and here I am, 4 weeks since the last post…

A look at the last few weeks:

The garden is a-growing!

The downside to an approaching summer is knowing that I’ll be less inclined to heat our oven to 550 degrees in order to make homemade pizza.


Best photo of Percy. Haha

Homemade vegan BBQ!

From around the garden :)

When you provide food for your husband’s band rehearsal, after an afternoon of Little League… dips! Baguettes! Likened accessory foods!

When our german shepherds were getting older and sicker, these washable dog diapers helped us prolong having them with us. Who knew they’d come in handy when Miss Percy wasn’t feeling well and decided it was easier to wet the bed than go outside to use the bathroom…

My favorite…blueberry pie.

Even better, blueberry pie for dinner the next night.

This has been my favorite bread to make recently – garlic rosemary!

My dad came into town for a short 3-day visit.

Playing a game with Silas that my grandma taught me 20+ years ago.


We made a slightly impromptu trip to the Bay Area last weekend… Percy’s preferred car riding position (yes, please).

Both kids also came along.

Silas and I had chicken and waffles for dinner (bourbon ginger for me, strawberry lemonade for him) the first night.

Craig and I got up early the next morning to indulge in some straight-out-of-the-oven egg custard tarts in Chinatown.

This little snugglebutt is an indulgent fan of hotel room living.

Just as Silas was scanning the horizon, a handful of seals came out to play in San Francisco Bay.

Saturday morning finds in the city.

This boy is clocking in at nearly 5’7″ and 134 pounds. He’ll be 12 in just a couple weeks!

Golden Boy Pizza and a drive through the city for lunch.

Percy got to have her first beach experience. She wasn’t so sure about the water, but loved the sand-digging and running.

Vincent, Silas and Percy. The Golden Gate in the distance.

On the road home.

We brought home some Boudin Bakery sourdough…french toast was totally necessary for dinner ASAP.

While we were gone, the first of our poppies popped!

Little baby.

Homemade falafel night. With homemade hummus and tzatziki.

Sassy cat. “PET ME.”

Our gardens are coming along slowly…

How to prepare for hosting middle schoolers’ sleepovers. Ha.

Lazy bones.

My husband’s band played a fun show here in town!

That’s a wrap for now… hope you’re all well!

Day to Day Life: Week 45

The last week, looking a bit like this:

Still egg-xactly obsessed with eggs, apparently. Whole wheat sourdough toast, over-easy egg, sharp cheddar, thyme, salt and pepper.

When I got this beer, the checkout clerk said, “Oh hey, look! They put you on the bottle!” I decided it was probably good that it takes some real effort to offend me.

Homemade Chinese food for dinner one night, on a whim… Sweet sour tofu, veggie fried rice, and spinach rangoon.

Having a food blog means this happens often: make something, photograph it, write about it, eat it.

Breakfast overload. Homemade biscuits, veggie sausage gravy, cheesy scrambled eggs.

What to do when you serve a dinner that you aren’t sure should be on a plate or in a bowl? Present both options. Hah.

Homemade pizza night is still one of my favorite nights. I couldn’t remember the last time I made a round pizza. So… sourdough crust for the win.

Creamy grits with veggie chicken étouffée.

At the last minute we drove up to Corvallis for the state-qualifying water polo tournament that both Vincent and Kenya had games in. Both the girls and boys made it to State, so we’ll be traveling up there again this coming week.

These dudes.

Veggie burritos for lunch and for dinner, because that is how we roll around here…

We then traveled south to Eugene because Silas’ Junior Pee Wee Pop Warner team won the chance to play at Autzen Stadium, home of the University of Oregon Ducks. Lunch one day at the 5th Street Public Market food court. A cheeseburger and fries for Silas Henry, a lemongrass chicken bahn mi sammich for myself, and a breakfast burrito for Craig.

Voodoo Donut surprise. A dirty ‘ole bastard first thing in the morning.

Also a foggy, cold riverside walk.

We found a neat arcade in downtown Eugene Friday night.

And what arcade bathroom would be complete without hand-drawn Tetris graffiti in the bathroom?

Silas Henry on the big screen at Autzen after a 50-19 win for Ashland, placing them third in state for their football league.

Duck Bowl Champions.

Day to Day Life: Week Thirty-Seven

The last week:

The final supermoon of 2014, the Harvest Moon, made a lovely appearance this week.


One little Chicken trying to eat one giant cornflake.


We drove up to Portland to pick up my husband’s dad and stepmom… and the same cornflake eating Chicken came along for the car ride and hotel-stay. (Oh-em-gee I am the crazy bird lady at the ripe ‘ole age of 29!)


On the night we arrived in town, we had Mexican food.. including the strongest dang margaritas EVER. Mine had a little tinge of green, my husband’s? Almost clear, indicating a drink almost entirely made of tequila.


When we picked up my in-laws, we trekked into downtown Portland because they hadn’t ever been there. Of course Voodoo Doughnuts was a necessary stop. We opted for the voodoo dozen.


We also decided to explore the food trucks along 10th and Alder for lunch. I share my Khao Man Gai with Pops and Mimi. (DELICIOUS!)


My husband got an order of Kargi Gogo’s Khachapuri — a Georgian cheese bread, which was also very tasty!


Vincent (AHS water polo varsity goalie) had a water polo scrimmage this week. Both the boys and girls teams won by quite a large number of points!


Although I generally don’t buy green grapes because they tend to be more tart than sweet, these locally grown green grapes were superb!


Oregon albacore! 


We went wine tasting with Mimi and Pops one afternoon (or late morning, if we need to get technical).





Afterwards we had a late lunch… I love the jerk chicken sandwich at Jasper’s.


Craig’s dad brought me some flowers from the Ashland farmer’s market one morning.


Pizza night! My father-in-law tried this BBQ Chik’n pizza and said he really didn’t know it wasn’t chicken. He ate a few more slices the next day, too.


Yep, crazy bird lady. Hi, stairs Chicken.


Silas had an evening football game under the stadium lights last night.


Whole wheat peach galettes for a late morning breakfast today!



Day to Day Life: Week Thirty

A look at the last week:

While a California water park isn’t exactly island-living, the sunshine, warmth and water were nice.

Complimentary hotel breakfast-ing… Huevos rancheros on sopes.

“C’mere and gimme a kee-se!”

A very, very spicy, nearly non-edible burrito.

North-bound on the I-5.

Little bird hanging out, doing what little birdies do before bedtime…

Ashland got bombarded with a bit of rain right before we pulled back into town. This is what rain in the garden does:

It delivers Sa-squash, which is bigger than my arm and just about 5 pounds.

One of my favorite cocktails for this week.
photo 1

Summer colors.

Eggplant sammiches one night with the first eggplants harvested out of my garden.

I spy pizza a-coming.

Yes, most certainly so.

Fish tacos another evening. With homemade blue corn tortillas and locally made “Irish Salsa.”

And when you have leftovers from pizza night, salmon from taco night, and eggplant from sammich night… Smash-bang them all together for lunch. Salmon-tomato pie, eggplant-tomato pie.

Somebody slept in one morning… I heard him talking and thought he was awake, only to find him in this position fast asleep.

Day to Day Life: Week Nine

The last week looked a bit like this:


Blue skies in Southern Oregon early in the week.


Our living room couch is a place of accidental naps.


We spent the majority of the week out of town for AWP. Travelling typically means cleaning out the refrigerator, down to bare necessities that won’t expire while we’re gone. This was a thrown together dinner of mashed potatoes, baked chicken-style tofu, green peas and creamy herb gravy for Vincent, Craig and I the night before we left.


Our first stop was Portland for a night. This boy is the self proclaimed king of hotel-ing. Armed with phone, headphones, stuffed animals, bathrobe, granola bars, blankets from home, and a banana – duh.


We all managed to wake up around 4:30 the morning we’d have to drive into Seattle. It’s no secret that I  am not a morning person. Not in the least bit. However, being able to see the sun come up over the city wasn’t half bad…


We got to Seattle too early to check in, so we explored and happened up on Piroshky Piroshky while walking around Pike Place Market. I had read about this little spot about a month previous, so I knew the smoked salmon pâté piroshky was going to be in our future. There was no line at all and the elusive salmon piroshky? Fresh out of the oven. We devoured it before I could take a picture. Then went back for dessert. This Oscar’s Star, featuring sweet dough, sweetened cream cheese, chocolate, and hazelnuts.


Again with the king of hotel-ing.


We went to Serious Pie for dinner one night. I think I’ve turned into a pizza snob over the last couple years… I wasn’t impressed with the pizzas considering the prices. We got a buffalo mozzarella, red sauce, fresh basil pie and a roasted seasonal mushroom with truffle cheese pie. The pitcher of Georgetown porter was delicious.


Silas and I shared some fish and chips at the market while Craig was busy with some conference-related working.


Silas’ friend Sydney was up in Washington, too… We managed to get the kids together for an out-of-town play date.


One of the off-site conference events was Writers Who Play, which features a number of writers who also happen to be musicians. My husband has joined this event for a number of years now. While Syd’s mom watched the kids we made it into a quick date night.


The Seattle waterfront and a moment of silence and reflection for Leo, whose life was being celebrated back in Oregon within those moments.


Although we had an 8 hour drive looming, we spent our last day in Seattle doing things Silas wanted. Our lunch stop was in Pike Place Market as well – Market Grill, where the three of us shared a grilled salmon sandwich and a grilled halibut sandwich. There will be a homemade version of both soon enough…


Dessert featured a cinnamon pull apart from Cinnamon Works. This photo is deceiving; that pull-apart bread was bigger than Silas’ face.


Mr. Silas Henry also requested a ferris wheel ride before leaving Seattle. Good thing his papa would ride with him, because you will certainly not find me on any ferris wheel.


Again, no Julie up in that little box… ever.



He he he.


Sunset ala I-5, southbound.


Some of the swag we picked up at AWP included sweatbands from some literary press. Silas insisted he needed his hair buzzed short before his last basketball game… specifically so he could wear said sweatband.


I started a batch of limoncello the day Leo passed away.  Technically I should’ve waited until next Wednesday to add the simple syrup, but I finished it a handful of days early so we could share it with his family after the second memorial service yesterday. I have a feeling he’d understand the necessity and knows it was out of love.