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Day to Day Life: Week Thirty-Seven

A little peek at the last week:

Goodnight, sky.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (5 of 22)

A thrown together dinner one night. Pan seared polenta, topped with fontina, homemade pesto, feta and fresh tomatoes. Trader Joe’s veggie chicken sausage and some caesar salad.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (1 of 22)

My go-to happy place.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (2 of 22)

Water polo season is absolutely in full effect… Vincent and Kenya (Silas’s sister) had a scrimmage game early in the week.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (21 of 22)

Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (22 of 22)

Silas hung out at the game, too.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (4 of 22)

Tuesdays. (Sorry… not so sorry.) And why everyone should download the Dubsmash App. Hah.

How to be a less grumpy person mid-week. ;) Salmon, tuna, shrimp, avocado, cucumber, and chili mayo.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (3 of 22)

This guy came running out into the street one afternoon as we drove to Silas’s school.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (6 of 22)

An end-of-the-summer flavored beer.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (12 of 22)

This guy, always looking guilty.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (8 of 22)

And this girl, always wanting to shake my hand or get as close as physically possible to me.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (9 of 22)

A potato corn chowder one night.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (7 of 22)

Here’s a throwback for you to perhaps the girliest outfit I wore between the ages of 5 and 16. Barefoot in Michigan, because I am always going to be an island girl.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (10 of 22)

Enchilada casserole thinga-ma-bob.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (11 of 22)

On Saturday there was a pick-up water polo game that both boys went to. Silas played with kids who were anywhere from 15 to nearly 20.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (20 of 22)

Since there were some alumni players as well as current players, things got a little funny…
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (15 of 22)

Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (17 of 22)

Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (16 of 22)

Silas even attempted a shot on Vincent…
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (18 of 22)

And made a goal. Then nonchalantly turned around while Vincent smiled.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (19 of 22)

Zucchini cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting.

Aaaand my favorite dinner night… ;)
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (14 of 22)

Day to Day Life: Weeks 51 + 52

We are at the last week of December and 2014! How can that be? Here is a glimpse at the last couple weeks:

My husband played at the Applegate Lodge one night. This guy was carved into one of the lamps in the room we stayed in. So jolly! ;)


Christmas Boy, sleeping under the Christmas tree.


Homemade pizza with veggie chicken, herbed ricotta, goat cheese and mozzarella.


Silas’s class had a Solstice party before going on winter break. Craig played “Here Comes the Sun” along with the kids.


We had a dessert party with our new neighbors. I brought these whoopie pies as per request.


A winter vacation tradition – water polo pick up game with alumni players.


Our friends Janet and Ray gave us this piece of this Oregon-caught king salmon. Craig and I finally got to enjoy it, pan seared then topped with a little homemade barbeque sauce, and cabbage with microgreens tossed in a lemon garlic vinaigrette. SO DAMN GOOD!


Silas is playing in a more competitive basketball league this year. He had his first pre-season game recently.




This was a busy baking Cookie Monster kind of day…


Crazy beautiful winter skies around here lately…



Cuddle party of two while trying to figure out the kids’ early Christmas present — an XBox I and new TV to go with it.


Family sugar cookie decorating can get a little iffy around here…


For Christmas Eve-Eve, Silas asked if I would make pigs in a blanket… So that’s what we had, with veggie dogs and cheese stuffed in the crescent rolls. Baked beans and potato salad on the side. Classy. :)


Christmas Eve featured homemade pizza. Green and red.


We went with Nana and the kids to look at Christmas lights around Southern Oregon after dinner that night.


There were forecasts for snow on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day… but alas, all we got was cold and rain. (That’s not a real complaint; I love cold and rain.)


First one up on Christmas morning… enjoying the quiet.


Of course I don’t wake up early unless there’s a reason. My reason was to make these from start to finish… A seven year tradition now.


Apparently I forgot/simply didn’t take any pictures on Christmas day. Sometimes I think that’s a good sign. I did get this photo of the veggie shepherd’s pie and veggie chick’n pot pie we ate for Christmas dinner…


My mother-in-law’s birthday is the day after Christmas. We took her out for brunch at Morning Glory here in Ashland, which was incredibly delicious!


A Christmas Chicken!


A second water polo pick up game…



Yesterday we did a little bit of exploring up near Mt. Ashland. The view is breathtaking, always.


It took approximately 15 tries before Silas and I got a “selfie” with both of us in the picture frame.


Snow boys.


Homemade Indian food tonight! Palak paneer, veggie chicken tikka masala with potatoes, cauliflower pakoras, homemade naan, and matar pulao (rice with peas).


A boy and his dog.


Day to Day Life: Weeks 43 + 44

Here’s a peek at the last couple weeks:

It’s my favorite season…

photo 1

Post-bath and Chicken says, “That is not a chicken! Wait. I am not a chicken!”

photo 2

I found this kombucha earlier in the week… My new favorite.

photo 5

What do you eat when you’re alone? I apparently eat a lot of eggs. Well, singular egg. With brewers yeast, Bragg Liquid Aminos and Cholula.

photo 4

Veggie chili last week sometime.

photo 4

Fall in the creek.

photo 1

Southern-inspired chicken fried tofu, mashed potatoes, creamy gravy and greens for color. And health.

photo 5

A new healthy energy/protein cookie experiment.

photo 3

Made with these folks in mind. Vincent in the goal.

photo 2

Kenya about to score for the girls’ team.

photo 3

This pudding happened…

photo 2

I love when these colors are everywhere.

photo 5

A pesto-pizza-flatbread-thingy. With fresh tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, feta and fresh mozzarella.

photo 4

Veggie lasagna one night.

photo 2

Snuggle Chicken!

photo 5

Silas’ football team won last week and despite a loss during today’s game, they will play at Autzen Stadium (home of the Oregon Ducks) next weekend!

photo 4

Mama deer. She followed me home for half a block.

photo 3

photo 5

To curb Halloween night bourbon. I am certain that last year, this was a go-to meal staple daily. For weeks. Charred homemade corn tortillas, organic American cheese, egg, Cholula.

photo 4

I have loved Vincent’s art as long as I’ve known him. There’s a uniqueness and originality to every endeavor… and this past week’s last minute art project consisting of puppets — two sets of baby twins — did not disappoint my apparent expectations.

photo 1

Miss Trick.

photo 4

A soup experiment that I shall share with you tomorrow!

photo 3


photo 5

Happy Halloween from this 4th grade mobster.

photo 1

Downtown Ashland never disappoints when it comes to Halloween…

photo 2

Heading into the children’s parade.

photo 5

Saw this guy ( /these guys) downtown…

photo 3

And these creepy folks enjoying an early meal.

photo 4

As well as a conglomeration of undead, dancing in the street.

photo 2

Nana and Silas Henry.

photo 1

The Great 2014 Candy Sort.

photo 2

photo 1

A treat, which may also be a trick.

photo 1

Happy November!

photo 2

I hope its been a good couple of weeks for you!

Day to Day Life: Weeks 39, 40, 41, 42!

I cringed when I just looked back to see how many weeks of these particular posts I’ve skipped… Four weeks! Life has been busy. Here’s a glimpse of the craziness:

One morning my mother in law invited me to go grape and plum picking with her… The result was 35.5 pounds of grapes and 11 pounds of plums!

And what does a girl do with all of that produce? Make 13 pints of grape jelly infused with orange zest and lavender. And then also make fresh grape juice, apple plum jam, and lots of marinara sauce (from the unpictured MASS quantities of tomatoes out of our garden).

A pretty rose for an early morning walk to the grocery store.

We’ve been out of town often for water polo… Vincent’s been killing it as the varsity goalie! He is also one of the captains for their team — a role generally reserved for senior players… which he won’t be until next year (!).

Silas’ sister also plays water polo for Ashland High School. She, too, has been a great asset for the team.

You know who else gets to go out of town for water polo? This dude.

And this dude/dudette.

My favorite food group… NOODLES.

A tiny, tiny vertical rainbow in there… Up north, near Eugene.

I went on an adventure with my friend Janet one day… Evidence of the drought we’ve been experiencing around here — the lake is essentially nonexistent at the moment.

Janet, right smack in the middle of the “lake.”

Looking like a southern Oregon photographing hippie… Photo by Jazzy Renteria (Jazzy Photography)

There’s something beautiful in this sad dried landscape (including the fact that it’ll likely be full again come spring time).

Midweek margaritas, don’t mind if I do!

Like I said… favorite food group! Noodles! Enjoying the last of our basil as homemade pesto.

A random, last minute dinner one night — red lentil coconut curry with tofu and garbanzo beans.

Chicken likes when I wear dangly earrings…

A big ‘ole southern style dinner.

Despite losing yesterday’s game, and feeling really sad about it, this boy shared a smile with his grandmother.

One of my favorite snacks. Smashed avocado on toast with lots of black pepper and flaky salt.

Hope the last few weeks have been good for you! :)

Day to Day Life: Week Thirty-Four

Here’s a peek at the last week:

Blue skies.

One trouble…

And one trick…

Mr. Silas Henry (#15) at football practice one afternoon.

These teddy bear sunflowers showed up in the garden this year. They’re so fluffy!

There are lots of eggplants in the garden, too. So… eggplant sammiches one night with caramelized onions, smoked gouda and garlic basil vegenaise.

Silas’s sister Kenya celebrated a birthday recently. We had she, her mom, Silas, Vincent, and Nana over one night for pizza and birthday cake. This dark chocolate cake with fresh blueberry swiss meringue actually turned out okay!

Dudes hanging out on the front porch one morning, eating some oatmeal.

A quick dinner for five one night. Creamy polenta, marinara, mozzarella stuffed homemade sourdough rolls, grilled zucchini and grilled Trader Joe’s chicken-less sausage.

I finally cooked one of the 5-pound Sasquashes from out of our garden. Half went to the above dinner and the remaining half got baked into a loaf of zucchini bread and a dozen chocolate zucchini muffins.

A lunch picnic stop enroute to Redmond for an overnight trip to see Vincent and Kenya play water polo.

Green and blue. My favorite color scheme.

We stopped to check out the Natural Bridge along the Rogue River.

Being in and near water is always my happy place.

Vincent, just about to run around camp with that Ashland flag.

And then Vincent, Ashland High School’s water polo goalie, completely submerging an opposing team member to keep him from scoring on Ashland’s goal…

Kenya also kicked some serious ass all weekend and made more goals than I could keep up with.

Pizza and beer. Pizza and beer. YES please.

What happens when you don’t sleep well? Grumpy early morning selfies. (Apparently.)

Two of my favorite things about taquerias: pickled carrots and homemade salsas.


Who is that wrapping up the quarterback for the opposing team? #14 Silas Henry Wright. First games happened today and that little boy did wonderfully despite scorching temperatures and artificial turf radiating even more heat!