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Day to Day Life: Week Nineteen

The last week looked something like this:

Chicken has a love/hate relationship with bath time.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

We had a baseball game on actual-Cinco-de-Mayo and didn’t get home until 8pm… so I made Cinco de Mayo dinner on the 6th. No bigs. Fish tacos with the chile de arbol salsa from a new local taqueria, Taqueria Picaro.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

Fish for those tacos! Nicely crisp on the outside, still juicy and flavorful on the inside.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

This guy, creeping near my husband’s office…
Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

All our irises are officially popped open!
Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

Neon skies this week.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

I don’t know what Neptuna is, but the name cracked me up.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

Our garden space is officially bigger than it was last week!
Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

One night Craig and Vincent had tortas for dinner and I made myself breakfast-dinner, migas.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

A risotto I forgot to photograph other than this one picture, so no recipe. Hah.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

Prom happened this weekend and I managed to agree on making dinner for Vincent and his girlfriend, as well as another couple before the dance. I even made them a menu, hehe.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

Chocolate cake!
Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

While the older kids were at the prom, we ended up having to take Silas to the emergency room when he spiked a fever of 104.2… They put in an IV and in his state of semi-delirium, Si asked the nurse, “Hey! Why you stealing my blood!?” Hahaha.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

After some blood work and an abdominal ultrasound, most of the more intense diagnosis possibilities were ruled out and we were sent home. Today the fever has been better and for the most part he seems to be on the mend, so hopefully it was just a passing virus.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

My mama, in honor of Mother’s Day.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

Vincent walked to the store and came home with flowers for me, Silas made the card below. Apparently I am kind, epic, swag, boss, and I can pay the rent! Haha
Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

I made my mother-in-law fried shrimp po boys, including homemade bread, which seemed to go over well.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

And we also had white chocolate mousse for dessert!
Forbidden Rice Blog | Day to Day Life Week 19 2015

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas! :)

Day to Day Life: Weeks 46 + 47

Here is a peek at the last couple weeks:

Ashland in the fall (before windy wet weather came in and rendered most of the trees leafless).


On an impromptu hike with our buddy Janet on a day Silas didn’t have any school.


Helping grade papers late one night.




Little Nugget.


A thrown-together mess meal of deliciousness. Veggie chick’n stew with parmesan herb biscuits!


Goodbyeee summer garden!


Heading north in rainy fall weather, to the State Water Polo Tournament.


The Ashland High School girls placed third in state. Miss Kenya Mickey about to make a goal.


The Ashland High School boys also placed third in state. Vincent made an incredible number of blocks all weekend.


This has been an incredible team all year!


Bacon veggie cheeseburger night…


Sometimes you need to get to the outskirts of town to appreciate Ashland…


And certainly when you get back into town, you shouldn’t be shocked by sites like this guy, walking his three goats on a leash along with his dog.


Bandera enchilada night with Vincent and his girlfriend. Also, so much tastier than appearance would probably lead you to believe…


One large bottle, two baby bottles…


Silas Henry also received a trophy at his football awards banquet after a tough, well earned season.


This lovely girl asked me to take her senior pictures… Seeing as I had never done anything like that before, I was hesitant… but it was a lot of fun. And nowhere near as stressful as my crazy-brain thought it’d be.

Kelsey - 13

Pizza night.


Flowers on our third wedding anniversary.


Looking so old suddenly.


Hi, Chicken.


Homemade roasted tomato soup with optimum-cheese-stretch grilled cheese sammiches.


I hope you’ve had an excellent couple of weeks!

Day to Day Life: Week Eleven

Here’s a look at the last week:

photo 2

These bars were the best idea I had all week.

photo 2

Vincent has been staying with us during the school week.  He and Craig found some water polo game online, cracking up over its ridiculousness… V is sitting on the floor and nearly as tall as Craig, who is sitting on an actual chair. Terrifying. ;)

photo 2

Fancy bourbon with a side of tuna melt?


The Pacific Northwest is my favorite.

photo 1

Eskimo kitty kisses.

photo 5

A rambunctious walk to the park with Silas and Jojo.

photo 3

We had a dinner this week with the kids, Silas’ mom and sister, and my mother in-law. It was fun and filled with eggplant parmesan.

photo 3

Crusty cheese heart…

photo 2

On a big fat veggie cheeseburger.

photo 1

Clean sheets in spring hues.

photo 4

Boys absolutely being boys.

photo 1

Pesto rolls one night!

photo 3

I told you about Jumpy Cat a couple weeks ago… he came to visit again.

Talking to Jumpy Cat out one of my kitchen windows, because indeed – I am a crazy cat lady. He is a crazy every now and then visitor. I may or may not have opened our front door to also let him in for a visit…

photo 4

Daffodils are springing up all over town.

photo 5

Can we talk about how I brush my hair once a week if I’m lucky? The results are chaos and this mess. There are tangles and unknown objects embedded somewhere in there…

photo 3

A meeting over coffee on morning. Double Americano with a little cream? Yes, please.

photo 5

More blue skies around here…

photo 4My insomnia has been nuts this week. I may have, in a sleep deprived haze, put on two entirely different earrings before I went to that meeting-over-coffee… and didn’t notice for hours. Whoops.

photo 2

A little bit ‘o sunshine.


When a girl has too much bourbon, do you know what the remedy is? Surely a plate of jalapeno cheese fries with her husband around midnight?


Closing night for Cabaret happened today. Vincent was wonderful as always… and this production may have been my favorite so far at both the local high school and college!

photo 1

Waffles for breakfast with the husband, mother in law, and Silas.

Day to Day Life: Week Ten

The last week looked a little like this:


To the oven, little romas and bell peppers… we have sauce to conquer.

photo 5

Burrito bowl is easy dinner-ing.


When the sun comes out, these little birds flock into the trees and bushes around our house. They’re ready for Spring, too.

photo 2

Egg, toast, cheese, lotsa pepper. Still my favorite brunch these days. (Equally good with tortillas, no toast.)


An experiment with pizza dough: pesto twisted bread sticks.

photo 2

From this,

photo 3

to this. Soup for you, for Mondays.


Budding Springtime.

photo 4

We have been loving omelets around here this week. For my husband, just cheese. For me, a Greek-inspired concoction of spinach, feta, olives, artichoke hearts, and more cheese.

photo 1

I started brewing my first batch of jun this week with the scoby our friend John gave us. I was thoroughly amused by Vincent’s very serious question: “Is that thing on top actually called a scoby or did Julie just name him that!?”


Something for us to share next week.


Bean and cheese pupusas for dinner with Vincent one night.


Buzz, buzz… little bee butt.

photo 1

I’ve been enjoying this porter.


Another Ashland institution shut its doors this past week. Giseppi’s Pizza was one of my preferred spots in town to grab a pizza. Luckily I’ve figured out a good homemade pie, as we sure do eat a lot of pizza on pizza-night. These are three 16-inch pizzas. Gone in less than 24 hours.


Another round food I enjoy. Homemade chocolate chocolate glazed baked doughnuts.


Vincent’s high school theater is doing Cabaret as their production this term. We thoroughly enjoyed Vincent’s opening night performance. The whole play was so well put together. We’ll go again next weekend, I’m sure.


A totally-winging-things split pea curry one night with tofu, homemade garlic naan, and rice.

photo (9)

So much for that approaching Spring sunshine we had early in the week… back to these heavy skies.

photo (10)

This photo, accompanied by a soundtrack of,”it’s Silas boy! He’s not a bird, he’s not a plane! He’s Silas boy! Yes he is. Silas boy!”

Day to Day Life: Weeks Forty + Forty-One

Last week was a little crazy. Then Sunday came and I was not feeling well, so this type of post didn’t happen. I was going to forego a Day to Day post for last week (week 40) all together, but I’ve decided to combine the last two weeks. Here’s a glimpse:


After working out one afternoon, stepping out of the gym revealed this gorgeous sky.


Two little puppy dogs who like the cold weather we’ve been having because they get to be in the house whenever they want.


Last week I made you (and us) these muffins. They are so damn good.


Two weeks ago we were in Eugene for a water polo tournament. VooDoo Doughnuts‘ third shop is in Eugene… A dozen VooDoo-Pick was necessary.


The old dirty bastard is one of my favorites. A yeast doughnut with chocolate frosting, oreo cookies, and peanut butter.


The pool Vincent had some of his first polo games for the weekend was ghastly looking in the latter part of the evening – you couldn’t see anything. The 40-degree weather wasn’t helpful either. As the goalie for his team, I don’t know how V does it. Treading water constantly with balls flying at your face when you can barely see two feet in front of you? I’d die out there.


We found a new taqueria/restaurant in Roseburg when heading home to Ashland. Burrito Vaquero is located close to the freeway, making getting there then back on the road super easy. We called in our order for three wet vegetarian burritos to-go when 10 miles away from the exit. This burrito was huge and delicious – don’t go by my blurry iphone-in-the-car-oh-hey-its-dark-out photo.


I pulled the last of our dragon carrots from the garden.


Our amount of traveling and junk food eating left me feeling like making this soup was necessary.


My mother-in-law, smiling in some cold, cold, football weather…


Because she comes to watch her grandson’s football games whenever possible.


This girl likes to get as close as she can, whenever she can.


I call this a fine example of my preferred meal genre to cook: CaucasianAsiaCan . May I introduce the waffleada – a tostada on a homemade chile and cheese waffle? Superb!


Blue and sunshine – a quickly fading thing around this little valley.


Vincent‘s the starting goalie for the Ashland High School water polo team. As a sophomore, he is absolutely kicking ass! We happily watched many games over the last two weeks.


Silas’s sister, Kenya, is also playing water polo this year. She’s kicking some ass, too! This is her, making the last goal for her team in this particular game.


Silas didn’t have school this Thursday or Friday. Playdates galore (oh, you call it “hanging out,” not “playdates” once you reach 8). This little girl is a basketful of ridiculousness. Pair that with a rambunctious Silas Henry and my sanity was gone within 2 minutes. But… they are hilarious and fun to hang out with.


Found this guy sitting behind me at a winery my husband played a gig at tonight…


At the same gig there was a food truck I had seen before but never tried, Blue Toba. First things first – the owners were super approachable and sweet. As I looked through the menu (three separate times) I couldn’t decide what to order because everything sounded delicious and my knowledge of Indonesian cuisine is basically non-existent. I ended up ordering the special – an Indonesian fried chicken served on a bed of turmeric, coconut, and lime leaf rice. The chicken had been marinated overnight in coconut milk, ginger, and some other spices (I think that’s what I remember…) and let me tell you – while I don’t eat it often, this was the best chicken I’ve had in quite some time. The flavor was incredible. Served with a side of Indonesian red chili sauce that was a perfect balance of sweet and spicy, I could have easily ordered a second plate. I did order a second – the Gulai with tofu and vegetables – for my husband. This mildly spicy curry was also incredible, packed with flavor, and certainly delicious. Should you find yourself anywhere Blue Toba happens to be (check their website and Facebook for locations) I couldn’t recommend them more highly than I already do.