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Day to Day Life: Week Thirty-Seven

A little peek at the last week:

Goodnight, sky.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (5 of 22)

A thrown together dinner one night. Pan seared polenta, topped with fontina, homemade pesto, feta and fresh tomatoes. Trader Joe’s veggie chicken sausage and some caesar salad.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (1 of 22)

My go-to happy place.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (2 of 22)

Water polo season is absolutely in full effect… Vincent and Kenya (Silas’s sister) had a scrimmage game early in the week.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (21 of 22)

Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (22 of 22)

Silas hung out at the game, too.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (4 of 22)

Tuesdays. (Sorry… not so sorry.) And why everyone should download the Dubsmash App. Hah.

How to be a less grumpy person mid-week. ;) Salmon, tuna, shrimp, avocado, cucumber, and chili mayo.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (3 of 22)

This guy came running out into the street one afternoon as we drove to Silas’s school.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (6 of 22)

An end-of-the-summer flavored beer.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (12 of 22)

This guy, always looking guilty.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (8 of 22)

And this girl, always wanting to shake my hand or get as close as physically possible to me.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (9 of 22)

A potato corn chowder one night.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (7 of 22)

Here’s a throwback for you to perhaps the girliest outfit I wore between the ages of 5 and 16. Barefoot in Michigan, because I am always going to be an island girl.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (10 of 22)

Enchilada casserole thinga-ma-bob.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (11 of 22)

On Saturday there was a pick-up water polo game that both boys went to. Silas played with kids who were anywhere from 15 to nearly 20.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (20 of 22)

Since there were some alumni players as well as current players, things got a little funny…
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (15 of 22)

Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (17 of 22)

Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (16 of 22)

Silas even attempted a shot on Vincent…
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (18 of 22)

And made a goal. Then nonchalantly turned around while Vincent smiled.
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (19 of 22)

Zucchini cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting.

Aaaand my favorite dinner night… ;)
Day to Day Life- Week 37 2015 (14 of 22)

Day to Day Life: Weeks 46 + 47

Here is a peek at the last couple weeks:

Ashland in the fall (before windy wet weather came in and rendered most of the trees leafless).


On an impromptu hike with our buddy Janet on a day Silas didn’t have any school.


Helping grade papers late one night.




Little Nugget.


A thrown-together mess meal of deliciousness. Veggie chick’n stew with parmesan herb biscuits!


Goodbyeee summer garden!


Heading north in rainy fall weather, to the State Water Polo Tournament.


The Ashland High School girls placed third in state. Miss Kenya Mickey about to make a goal.


The Ashland High School boys also placed third in state. Vincent made an incredible number of blocks all weekend.


This has been an incredible team all year!


Bacon veggie cheeseburger night…


Sometimes you need to get to the outskirts of town to appreciate Ashland…


And certainly when you get back into town, you shouldn’t be shocked by sites like this guy, walking his three goats on a leash along with his dog.


Bandera enchilada night with Vincent and his girlfriend. Also, so much tastier than appearance would probably lead you to believe…


One large bottle, two baby bottles…


Silas Henry also received a trophy at his football awards banquet after a tough, well earned season.


This lovely girl asked me to take her senior pictures… Seeing as I had never done anything like that before, I was hesitant… but it was a lot of fun. And nowhere near as stressful as my crazy-brain thought it’d be.

Kelsey - 13

Pizza night.


Flowers on our third wedding anniversary.


Looking so old suddenly.


Hi, Chicken.


Homemade roasted tomato soup with optimum-cheese-stretch grilled cheese sammiches.


I hope you’ve had an excellent couple of weeks!

Day to Day Life: Week Thirty-Eight

Here’s a look at the last week:

Craig’s dad Keith and his wife Mary Ella were still in town at the beginning of the week. Here’s a proud Pops before we went out to dinner on their last night in Ashland.


And a few generation of Wright men.


Mary Ella you’re making it on The Blog again this week. Come visit me more and I will put you on here all the damn time!


I gave Chicken a bath one morning, but she got really cold afterwards… So I stuck her on a heating pad. She was quite pleased. (P.S. I feel like there should be a Part II to our ongoing pigeon saga…)


Alaskan Coho salmon is delicious…


Especially when slapped in a sandwich experiment that turns out well! This was fresh salmon on toasted seed + nut whole grain bread, with homemade BBQ sauce, tomatoes out of our garden, and microgreens tossed in a spicy garlic lemon vinaigrette. SO DAMN GOOD!


Smoky skies around here with the wildfires burning around us…


I had a recipe included in the Huffington Post this week, in an article featuring 11 delicious vegetarian recipes. To celebrate, I made more ramen! (And ate it for two days.)


Pre-dinner drinks at home with Pops and Mimi induces these faces.


Since the adults were drinking, Silas decided he needed a cocktail as well. Cheers, little dude.


We went to Vincent’s water polo tournament in California this week. I offered to bring protein cookies to contribute to the poolside healthy snacks… and then after the offer, I had to learn how to make a protein cookie. I worked backwards, working by nutrient contents via a food calculator app on my phone. These dark chocolate peanut butter protein cookies were a hit with the kids. Recipe this coming week.


One of the hardest shots to watch when your kid is the goalie.


Chicken got to come on the road trip. We didn’t intend to smuggle her into the hotel this time, but… I felt bad leaving her in her cage in the parking lot. So I stuck her in my camera bag and brought her in. Hah! The real adventure was getting her out the next morning when she wanted to poke her head out of the bag with three other folks in the elevator.


The movement of water has always mesmerized me.


Vincent, generally kicking butt like he does.


Silas also had an out of town football game this weekend. He got to play quarterback a bit and his team totally kicked ass, winning 34-0.


Proud dad and proud Silas Henry.


What to do after a long week and many days in the 90+ degree weather? Drink one of these, of course.


I hope you’ve had a lovely week!