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Two Month Hiatus?


When I began this blog five years ago, I told myself I’d keep the writing, recipes and photos going, as long as it was fun for me. It’s not that for the last two months, blogging has been less fun — things have simply been busy. I am a step-parent to two busy kids. Baseball season, meaning games and practices, took up anywhere from 3-5 days of the week up until this past Saturday. Every damn week. He also just graduated from elementary school today and will be eleven on Monday! Shall we mention this fella is clocking in at 5’5″ and 120 pounds — both taller and heavier than me, despite our almost exact 20 year age difference?! And he’s got a weekend baseball tournament coming up Saturday and Sunday?

Royals - Championship Game (41 of 75)


And the other kid? He’s now graduated from high school. As life unfolds, he’s also headed off to college two months earlier than anticipated in order to train with the water polo team at Long Beach City College. (As in, he’s set to leave next week. We are driving him down, then coming back in a whirlwind trip in order to be in Oregon for a music gig my husband has booked.)

Vincent - AHS Graduation 2016 (1 of 2)

Vincent - AHS Graduation 2016 (2 of 2)

Somewhere in there, we had to put down our two german shepherds. They both had degenerative myelopathy and towards the end of their lives, my days consisted of many doggy-diaper changes, constant attention and of course love–on top of the every day things that living within a family with kids entails. These pups were nearly 13 years old and I had known them just as long as I had known my husband (nearly a decade now).

Dogs - DOD 5-18-16 (1 of 2)

Dogs - DOD 5-18-16 (2 of 2)


I’ve spent many days in our gardens, rebuilding, creating, planting, and not too long from now, there will be immense amounts of harvesting (which I am SO stoked about!). There are 7 types of tomatoes steadily growing, broccoli, collard greens, baby lettuce greens, gigantic spinach, leeks, beets, cucumbers, a few different types of peppers, eggplant, purple pole beans, basil, strawberries, numerous flowers and herbs. I’m excited about this year’s gardens. Mainly because I’ve put, and continue to put, lots of time into them and the potential harvest feels that much sweeter.






Shall we add more to the chaos? YES! We knew we’d eventually get another dog. Ideally, a puppy. A lab puppy is what both my husband and I wanted, with the intention of Silas being key in raising her. We also intended to find said puppy after we’d moved Vincent to Long Beach. Then all of a sudden, locally, I found some border collie/chow chow pups who were 10 weeks old on Craigslist. We said we’d “go check them out.” NOTE: YOU CANNOT GO CHECK OUT A PUPPY AND NOT BRING ONE HOME. So, barely two weeks after losing both of our dogs, we found ourselves with a 10-week-old puppy. And… she’s the most mellow, sweet, easygoing puppy ever in the history of the world. Hands-down.

Percy (11 of 11)

Percy (2 of 3)



I am turning 31 tomorrow. I’m not sure how that happened so quickly. While the next couple weeks will also be extremely busy, I figured I’d just stop in and say “hi!” And to also note this blog hasn’t gone dormant — I intend to get back to recipes, photos of recipes… so stay tuned.

Saturday Sites: Week Twenty-Eight

Forbidden Rice Blog | Saturday Sites Week 28 2015


2.) Maiden names are on the rise. When I got married, I kept my last name. It’s unique. It holds my mom’s name and my dad’s. I thought “Julie Hashimoto-McCreery” was also less common than “Julie Wright.” I DID offer for my husband to take my last name if he wanted! ;)

3.) I’ve been doing a lot of popsicle research. These are at the top of my list.

4.) How would YOU rank Ben and Jerry’s? Chubby Hubby would be closer to the top of my list. And the Bovinity Divinity I loved most of all died back in 2001. Wah-wah. That milk chocolate ice cream with white fudge cows swirled with white chocolate ice cream and dark fudge cows… it was moovalous. (Ahem, Kara.)

5.) Yes, yes, yes! Less judgement all the way around, please. And more compassion. With kindness.

6.) The truth about eating disorders and yoga. While I’ve never been big on yoga, there’s certainly some info in here I can relate to and certainly experienced at some time or another in my life.

7.) Cannoli. Ice cream. Cannoli ice cream.

8.) I think this might be me.

9.) BFFs playing “Truth or Drink.” Things get odd.

10.) How 7 things that have nothing to do with rape perfectly illustrate the concept of consent. YES.

11.) These photos from San Francisco’s Telegraph Avenue in the late 60’s are intriguing.

12.) Dear People Who Live in Fancy Tiny Houses… teehee!

13.) I shall eat allllll the blueberries. Thank you, that is all.

14.) And maybe all of this salad.

15.) The importance of family dinners.

16.) Here are 37 websites where you can learn something new! Hurray!

17.) Shall we enjoy some hushpuppies soon? Okay.

18.) My guided meditation cue from here on out.

Saturday Sites: Week Two


  1. This video makes me so happy… Also, am I the only one concerned about frostbite?!

  2. These sentiments are beautiful.

  3. Bwahaha… toddler quotes are some of my favorite quotes. P.S. I always wear my angry eyebrows.

  4. I’d love to make and eat all of these soups, please.

  5. Have you been listening to the Serial podcast? I binge-listened over the course of two days. But what if Serial were a romantic comedy?!

  6. I can relate to this.

  7. I am completely nerdy in the way I appreciate charts and numeric explanations… Also, as of today I am exactly 5 months shy of being 30… and at 30, zero fucks can be given! #ThingsToLookForwardTo

  8. The holiday season came and went with such a blur this year. Usually it takes until at least March before I want sweets again… but these cookies… yes, please.

  9. There is something in these words that I love so very much.

  10. “What is that, a hairy country?!” Despite my husband’s statement upon seeing this, it’s actually a mesmerizing map of wind

  11. This is a good list.

  12. These tacos!

  13. I’ll confess: Silas generally eats school lunches. Sometimes he’ll ask me to pack him a lunch, but I hesitate. Because the last 3 years have taught me that if I pack a lunch, he’ll eat half of it at best. If I put less food, he’ll eat half of THAT. On the days I don’t pack a lunch, I wish I could trust he’d get school lunches like these though…

  14. Perhaps I will start stocking our freezer up with these guys.

  15. Did YOUR parents give you “The Talk?” I don’t think mine did… I had an older sister, her friends, and BOOKS. Thank goodness for books.

  16. I’m intrigued by this banana bread.

  17. YES. To all of these teachers. Haha.

  18. This video is mesmerizing, for better or worse…
    For better or worse, these snowmen give me some building-ideas…

  19. I enjoyed these words this week.

  20. Are you a fan of egg drop soup? I certainly am, and look forward to trying out this recipe.

  21. I am turning thirty this year. Things to look forward to

  22. Little houses intrigue me.

  23. Egg rolls made into banh mi sandwiches? YES!

  24. Note to self.

Saturday Sites: Week Thirty-Nine


  1. This list, yes.

  2. These cycling uniforms… Bwahaha. I’m going to get one for spin biking at the gym.

  3. This vegetarian take on kung pao chicken sounds tasty.

  4. The best foodie vacations in the West!

  5. I really loved this piece. It’s true that no two relationships are the same, nor should we expect them to be. What works for me won’t necessarily work for you, and vice versa.

  6. Bwahaha! I’m not sure which of these is my favorite — they’re all good!

  7. I can’t wait to try these meatless meatballs!

  8. Your sleeping position and what it says about you?

  9. Ohhh no, but ohhh YES… This made me laugh.

  10. This would make an excellent Fall-time cocktail!

  11. An interesting map, comprised of a state-by-state analysis on the food related words people share most over twitter.

  12. Sometimes just the sound of a certain dessert makes you want to dive on in…

  13. It’s true that I gained much knowledge from watching Kindergarten Cop when I was a kid (you know the line I’m talking about), and in line with that, these words.

  14. Ehhh… However, while I am all for empowerment and reality, this is a weird story.

  15. While I’d totally settle on eating malasadas right now, this also sounds rather tasty!

  16. Oh heyyy — being highly sensitive can have some perks, after all.

  17. Alright. I died laughing at so many of these. THAT HORSE LESSON!

  18. Let’s cake soon.

  19. I love, love, love this.

  20. A neat way to capture the unavoidable quickness that time passes with with raising kids and/or life, in general.

  21. This looks and sounds like a delicious breakfast option… I shall examine closer (with a translator), soon.

Saturday Sites: Week Thirty-Four


  1. I have never been a breakfast at breakfast time kind of girl. I’m not alone!

  2. Growing up, every single one of these foods were things I enjoyed… and would still happily enjoy!

  3. 10 confessions of being an INFJ (my Myers-Briggs personality type) in a relationship.

  4. How has public swearing changed over the course of my lifetime? P.S. I am totally guilty (without feeling guilty) for swearing all the goddamn time.

  5. And on that note, this made me laugh.

  6. I would like this for dessert food and breakfast food. Okay, thanks.

  7. This prank video made me literally LOL. (And cringe for typing “LOL.”)

  8. There is an epidemic occurring… I hope euthanasia isn’t the only solution!

  9. I love this photographer’s self-portrait project! (But do not aim to duplicate her process…)

  10. It’s good there isn’t a particular season for enjoying ice cream… ’tis good at all times in the year! I would like to make (and eat, or just eat) this kind.

  11. This 4-year-old’s restaurant review of the renown French Laundry is delightful.

  12. Being married to a musician, I know the infamous guitar-soloist-face… Does it sometimes look like the soloist in question is holding a giant slug? Absolutely!

  13. Here are some ways to maximize the benefits of drinking water, based on when you consume it throughout the day.

  14. I’ve always loved Mara Wilson. Her remembrance post for Robin Williams was a touching, worthy read.

  15. Last week my sister shared an image with me called “A Map of the Introvert’s Heart.” I found a similar image called “The Map of an Introvert’s Brain” and am certain this is indeed my brain!

  16. True, it’s only August, but the holidays will creep up on us as we know it… Here are some great non-toy gift ideas for kids!

  17. Ladies, hell yeah to this list.

  18. Yum, yum, yum, these sweet corn arepas sound delish!