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Day to Day Life: Week 45

The last week, looking a bit like this:

Still egg-xactly obsessed with eggs, apparently. Whole wheat sourdough toast, over-easy egg, sharp cheddar, thyme, salt and pepper.

When I got this beer, the checkout clerk said, “Oh hey, look! They put you on the bottle!” I decided it was probably good that it takes some real effort to offend me.

Homemade Chinese food for dinner one night, on a whim… Sweet sour tofu, veggie fried rice, and spinach rangoon.

Having a food blog means this happens often: make something, photograph it, write about it, eat it.

Breakfast overload. Homemade biscuits, veggie sausage gravy, cheesy scrambled eggs.

What to do when you serve a dinner that you aren’t sure should be on a plate or in a bowl? Present both options. Hah.

Homemade pizza night is still one of my favorite nights. I couldn’t remember the last time I made a round pizza. So… sourdough crust for the win.

Creamy grits with veggie chicken étouffée.

At the last minute we drove up to Corvallis for the state-qualifying water polo tournament that both Vincent and Kenya had games in. Both the girls and boys made it to State, so we’ll be traveling up there again this coming week.

These dudes.

Veggie burritos for lunch and for dinner, because that is how we roll around here…

We then traveled south to Eugene because Silas’ Junior Pee Wee Pop Warner team won the chance to play at Autzen Stadium, home of the University of Oregon Ducks. Lunch one day at the 5th Street Public Market food court. A cheeseburger and fries for Silas Henry, a lemongrass chicken bahn mi sammich for myself, and a breakfast burrito for Craig.

Voodoo Donut surprise. A dirty ‘ole bastard first thing in the morning.

Also a foggy, cold riverside walk.

We found a neat arcade in downtown Eugene Friday night.

And what arcade bathroom would be complete without hand-drawn Tetris graffiti in the bathroom?

Silas Henry on the big screen at Autzen after a 50-19 win for Ashland, placing them third in state for their football league.

Duck Bowl Champions.

Day to Day Life: Week Thirty-Six

The last week, looking something like this:

Homemade veggie burgers one night. With a non-homemade side of tots.

photo 1

School started this week for the kids (woo hoo!). The complicated recess politics around 4th grade two-square are mind-boggling.

photo 5

The view from my crouched down, weed-pulling stance in the garden.

photo 3

Also, this view…

photo 5

Taco night is always a popular dinner theme around here.

photo 3

And this time of year, it totally requires fresh sweet corn salsa!

photo 4

Can you find my husband amidst this game Silas came up with at Nana’s house?

photo 2

Silas and Nana play of game of “army guys.” complete with multiplication problems in order to move any guys on the table. Guess which one of them came up with using math as a game… (Hint: it wasn’t the 9 year old.)

photo 2

These two! The steal my just-picked vegetables when I’m not looking!

photo 2

Fresh Oregon albacore is in season and I couldn’t be more stoked! I made this tuna salad for dinner one night.

photo 1

Somebody celebrated their 16th birthday around here this week! He got a giant before-school hot chocolate with homemade vanilla whipped cream.

photo 4

And although I didn’t get a single photo of the birthday  meal for 9 of us, we had Vincent’s favorite Mexican dishes, including red and green cheese enchiladas, a few different homemade salsas, spanish rice, slow cooked pinto beans… and for dessert, a delicious strawberry cream cake plus the blueberry lavender ice cream V also requested nearly 3 months ago. Here are some photos from the birthday celebration:

Opening gifts with help from his two brothers…


Little Red Riding Hood made an appearance.


Grandma Gail was happy to meet Chicken, who willingly let her pick her up! (Generally she grunts and pecks at, then flies away from most folks who aren’t me, who are trying to pick her up!)


Cake for the boy. With candles and a sparkler.


Ice cream!

photo 3

Vincent and his mama.


Happy 16, Vincent Love!


Although I didn’t photograph any food other than the cake and ice cream, I did photograph the enormous bowl of leftovers I had the next night for dinner!

photo 5

Mr. Silas Henry had his first Pop Warner game today.

photo 4

They played one of the toughest teams in the league… and won 13-0!

photo 1

When you are totally burnt out on Mexican food, but the rest of your family is happy to have it again, it’s necessary to gather handfuls of basil from the garden, make some pesto, then cook some penne and toss the two together…

photo 2

Chicken says, “Dear Julie: thank you so very much for washing all the laundry, folding it so nicely, and not getting mad at me when I fly into the room and land on the clean sheets, blankets, towels, underwear, piles of teenage boy clothes, little boy clothes… I’m much obliged!”

photo 1

I hope you’ve had an excellent week! The upcoming one here is going to be crazy, but hopefully we see each other before next Sunday! : )

Day to Day Life: Week Eight

Here’s a look at the last week:


Welcome to Ashland, Oregon.


Silas played in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament Monday, since the kids were out of school.


Kid-free nights often mean thrown together whatever meals. When we were in New York a few years ago, I ate at a cart called The Halal Guys. Their whole menu consists of three options: a plate with rice, pita bread and meat, a plate with meat and pita bread, or a sandwich filled with their chicken, beef or lamb, or a combination of any of the three. The magic is in the white halal sauce that’s poured over the top, and the spicy red sauce. This was a half-assed vegetarian version.


“Chicken” and biscuits one night.


March 22, 1925-February 19, 2014.


In Leo’s honor, I started a batch of his limoncello the morning he passed away.



Roasted tomatoes for a sauce recipe coming atcha soon.


Homemade tortillas and homemade sauce for cheese enchiladas.


Leftover enchiladas mean delicious brunching the following day.


We had Vincent here for most of the week. He requested palak paneer  one night, which I haven’t made in years. Recipe for you tomorrow.


Little league evaluations happened this weekend.


Making limoncello leaves a lot of fresh squeezed lemon juice… the obvious thing to do was make lemon bars.


Carrot and pea biryani to go with the palak paneer. I like making indian food because of the vibrant colors just as much as spices.

We are all big fans of probiotic yogurt around here… Obviously.



Egg tacos are good breakfast-lunching.


One more basketball game left for the season. Post-game snacking.


Jalapeno cheddar biscuits are also good breakfast-ing.