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Everyday Life: Weeks 22-28

Here’s a little glimpse at the last 7 weeks (now how did I let THAT happen?):

Everyday Life: Weeks 22-28

May 29th made one year since we got Percy! Here she is on her adoption day anniversary.

Salmon tacos are one of my favorite types of fish taco.

I planted these pink poppies in our backyard last year, where they’d be fenced in and folks passing by our house couldn’t steal them like so many folks do with the orange poppies we’ve had growing in our front yard forever.

Pitaya bowl for dinner one night!

I turned 32 in June. This was my birthday breakfast – glazed yeasted doughnuts are my favorite.

We also went out for Mexican food. (Margarita, fish tacos AND nachos for me…and to share with the husband.)

Loved my birthday gifts… lots of fabulous cookbooks, an Instant Pot, a meyer lemon tree, a fig tree, some other not-photographed goodies. My brother and sister in law also sent the dog a present for my birthday, haha!

The day after my birthday, we hosted a sleepover birthday party for Silas (whose birthday is three days after mine). Craig set up a whole “DJ” area so Silas could play whatever music he wanted (or have a rap battle with his friends…).

Still my favorite pizza place in town! (Silas and I like to order delivery when my husband has other engagements, ha!)

The garden is a-growin’!

Ramen dinner date with the husband!

Percy having a little lavender soak in the tub!

Silas’s baseball team won the Little League Championship game.

Followed by him making the All-Stars team, extending baseball season for another month.

She’s the best.

Caprese sammiches for dinner one night, as per request!

This little guy (baby pigeons outgrow their parents before learning to fly!) fell out of his nest.

My husband deemed him “my Chicken.”

Percy’s first REAL swim in the lake (with both kids).

‘Tis the season for grilling things and I’m excited to experiment!

A little exploring not too far from our house on the 4th of July.

We took a trip to the Bay Area. Guess who likes being a lap puppy instead of riding in the back seat (even when she’s got the entire area to herself!)?

Little Percy also really, really, enjoys staying in hotels.

This sweet corn pizza from Hen House in Oakland was a delicious lunch decision! It was topped with sweet corn, scallions, garlic cream sauce, mozzarella and pecorino cheeses, plus a pimentón oil.

My mom and stepdad came out for a visit! I’ve been trying to talk them into doing so for 10 years. It was a really fun weekend of having them here, but certainly flew by.

As a kid, most of our family pictures were often just of myself, my sister, or my brothers –some conglomeration of all 4 of us. There was the occasional photo of my dad in there, or with us. Rarely did we ever have a picture of my mom. She was usually the one behind the camera. (Mamarazzi as I’ve named her.) Now, I often find myself in the same position. I spend a lot of time taking photos rather than being the subject of any photographs. I do appreciate this picture though — it’s perhaps the single photo of my mom and I together in one place, since I was about 19 years old.

Vegetarian chick’n and waffles!

Garden Cat.

Silas asked to make dinner for us and Nana last week. He made caprese grilled cheese sandwiches, a fruit salad and monkey bread for dessert.

I got Percy a lifejacket since she doesn’t particularly love the water, but will get in anyway if convinced. She seemed more confident with it on and swam more than she usually does.

We took a trip down to the coast yesterday. Decided to camp in the back of our truck. It was surprisingly comfortable and even better, we backed right up to the beach where all we heard at night was the ocean.

Sunset last night.

Beach Babe.

We stopped in Crescent City for chowder and fresh blackened black ling cod tacos before heading back to Ashland.

We also took the scenic route through the redwoods on the way back.

I saw a banana slug for the first time ever.

Bedtime cuddle puddle!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the summer!

Day to Day Life: Weeks 29 + 30

The last couple weeks:

Blueberry biscuits. Recipe soon!
Day to Day 29 and 30 2915 (1 of 24)

Thou shalt drink all the cold press coffee (please!).
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015 (2 of 24)

This fella looked a little stuck…
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

My husband and I found a new taqueria to try nearby. We shared fish tacos and a veggie burrito… and it was delicious!
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

One morning we discovered this little guy hiding in the holly tree just opposite of our fence… He stayed there from about 9am until well after 10pm!
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

A little frisbee action…
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

And more action…
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

My favorite.
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

Them curls though!
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

Finding patterns unexpectedly…
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

This guy’s headed to Alaska this week to visit his girlfriend.
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

Hi Blue Chicken.
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

Creamy pesto mac and cheese (pesto made with basil from my little garden!).
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

Silas asked to do a little experimenting with dry ice…
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

Somebody else joined in the experimenting…
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

Refrigerator notes.
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

One of my favorite meals this week. Creamy polenta with fried “chicken” (Quorn nak’d cutlets, breaded and fried), topped with a creamy lemon mushroom sauce and fresh heirloom cherry tomatoes!
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

A little floral-scenery enroute to the grocery store.
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

Fresh Oregon albacore just started making an appearance… I loveeee Oregon albacore season!
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

It means I can make this sammich!
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

We had a garage sale with my mother-in-law this weekend… This sign of hers cracked me up. Won’t be buying one of those!
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

And also I found this little gem…

This guy comes to visit about once or twice a year. He meows and meows, sits in my lap, likes lots of pets and belly rubs, then goes off into the world to do whatever he does!
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

Lake drive.
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

I wait alllllll year for these Rolling Hills Farms peaches!
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

Nana grows the prettiest flowers!
Day to Day 29 and 30 2015

I hope you’ve had a good couple of weeks!

Day to Day Life: Weeks 39, 40, 41, 42!

I cringed when I just looked back to see how many weeks of these particular posts I’ve skipped… Four weeks! Life has been busy. Here’s a glimpse of the craziness:

One morning my mother in law invited me to go grape and plum picking with her… The result was 35.5 pounds of grapes and 11 pounds of plums!

And what does a girl do with all of that produce? Make 13 pints of grape jelly infused with orange zest and lavender. And then also make fresh grape juice, apple plum jam, and lots of marinara sauce (from the unpictured MASS quantities of tomatoes out of our garden).

A pretty rose for an early morning walk to the grocery store.

We’ve been out of town often for water polo… Vincent’s been killing it as the varsity goalie! He is also one of the captains for their team — a role generally reserved for senior players… which he won’t be until next year (!).

Silas’ sister also plays water polo for Ashland High School. She, too, has been a great asset for the team.

You know who else gets to go out of town for water polo? This dude.

And this dude/dudette.

My favorite food group… NOODLES.

A tiny, tiny vertical rainbow in there… Up north, near Eugene.

I went on an adventure with my friend Janet one day… Evidence of the drought we’ve been experiencing around here — the lake is essentially nonexistent at the moment.

Janet, right smack in the middle of the “lake.”

Looking like a southern Oregon photographing hippie… Photo by Jazzy Renteria (Jazzy Photography)

There’s something beautiful in this sad dried landscape (including the fact that it’ll likely be full again come spring time).

Midweek margaritas, don’t mind if I do!

Like I said… favorite food group! Noodles! Enjoying the last of our basil as homemade pesto.

A random, last minute dinner one night — red lentil coconut curry with tofu and garbanzo beans.

Chicken likes when I wear dangly earrings…

A big ‘ole southern style dinner.

Despite losing yesterday’s game, and feeling really sad about it, this boy shared a smile with his grandmother.

One of my favorite snacks. Smashed avocado on toast with lots of black pepper and flaky salt.

Hope the last few weeks have been good for you! :)