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Everyday Life: Week 3

The third week of this year has looked something like this:

Forbidden Rice Blog: Everyday Life Week 3
Winter skies in Southern Oregon.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Everyday Life Week 3
Sometimes you just need very chocolatey chocolate chunk cookies.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Everyday Life Week 3

Forbidden Rice Blog: Everyday Life Week 3
Egg salad. With veggie bacon. Just do it.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Everyday Life Week 3
One of my favorite pizzas from pizza night. Potatoes with pesto, caramelized onions and goat cheese.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Everyday Life Week 3

Forbidden Rice Blog: Everyday Life Week 3
A super easy dinner. Mashed potatoes, gravy, Trader Joe’s veggie chicken sausages, corn and peas.

Percy is learning new tricks!

Forbidden Rice Blog: Everyday Life Week 3
This dude is clocking in at just above 5’6″ at 11 1/2 years old. WHAT.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Everyday Life Week 3
Leftover mashed potatoes make good breakfast potatoes… with scrambled eggs and Quorn meatless sausage.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Everyday Life Week 3
Somebody trying REALLY hard to get a little bagel bite.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Everyday Life Week 3
Some days…

Forbidden Rice Blog: Everyday Life Week 3

Just steps from my house, the Women’s March that happened Saturday was inspiring.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Everyday Life Week 3
Sometimes you get two hours of sleep. And then use a cocoa avocado skin food mask…and it’s perfect camouflage for SnapChat’s deer filter.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Everyday Life Week 3
Dinner-prep helper.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Everyday Life Week 3
Veggie chicken and biscuits (filled with cheddar and rosemary!).

Hope you’ve had a lovely week!

Day to Day Life: Week 45

The last week, looking a bit like this:

Still egg-xactly obsessed with eggs, apparently. Whole wheat sourdough toast, over-easy egg, sharp cheddar, thyme, salt and pepper.

When I got this beer, the checkout clerk said, “Oh hey, look! They put you on the bottle!” I decided it was probably good that it takes some real effort to offend me.

Homemade Chinese food for dinner one night, on a whim… Sweet sour tofu, veggie fried rice, and spinach rangoon.

Having a food blog means this happens often: make something, photograph it, write about it, eat it.

Breakfast overload. Homemade biscuits, veggie sausage gravy, cheesy scrambled eggs.

What to do when you serve a dinner that you aren’t sure should be on a plate or in a bowl? Present both options. Hah.

Homemade pizza night is still one of my favorite nights. I couldn’t remember the last time I made a round pizza. So… sourdough crust for the win.

Creamy grits with veggie chicken étouffée.

At the last minute we drove up to Corvallis for the state-qualifying water polo tournament that both Vincent and Kenya had games in. Both the girls and boys made it to State, so we’ll be traveling up there again this coming week.

These dudes.

Veggie burritos for lunch and for dinner, because that is how we roll around here…

We then traveled south to Eugene because Silas’ Junior Pee Wee Pop Warner team won the chance to play at Autzen Stadium, home of the University of Oregon Ducks. Lunch one day at the 5th Street Public Market food court. A cheeseburger and fries for Silas Henry, a lemongrass chicken bahn mi sammich for myself, and a breakfast burrito for Craig.

Voodoo Donut surprise. A dirty ‘ole bastard first thing in the morning.

Also a foggy, cold riverside walk.

We found a neat arcade in downtown Eugene Friday night.

And what arcade bathroom would be complete without hand-drawn Tetris graffiti in the bathroom?

Silas Henry on the big screen at Autzen after a 50-19 win for Ashland, placing them third in state for their football league.

Duck Bowl Champions.

Day to Day Life: Week Five

Shall we have a look at the last week? Wanted or not, here it is!


This bowl was my favorite a few times this week: maple yogurt, honey oat granola, toasted coconut flakes and a homemade blueberry spice sauce. I am grateful that a girl cannot OD on yogurt…


While walking to the grocery store one morning, I passed this little truck. The driver made me laugh for the remainder of my walk, mostly because it caught me so off guard.


Totally necessary when cooking dinner some nights. Here’s Lookin’ Atcha!


That hairy eyeball was good company for homemade pad thai.

photo 5

Chocolate chunks and chips because there were certainly COOKIES this week.


These dudes were singing at the top of their lungs driving down the road on our way for a lunch date.


I love broccoli. Raw, plain, steamed, roasted, in soup…


The best brunch ever, always. Two corn tortillas charred, then sammiched with cheese, topped with an egg, avocado, and tapatio.



My husband played a few new songs at a tribute this week for the owners of Alex’s restaurant here in town, which recently shut down.




Guess who… from the days of old wherein I actually looked part Asian!


Little Miss.


Homemade pizza in the making.


And more pizza in the making…


Homemade black bean burritos for dinner one night with roasted peppers and corn salsa.


Do you know what is wrong with this photo? The jeans on the right belong to me. The ones on the left belong to 8 year old Silas. Perhaps I am shrinking at the ripe old age of 28?


Broccoli cheddar beer soup. For you, tomorrow.


I adapted Tracy Shutterbean‘s recipe for no-knead pizza dough and made these cheesy/garlic/herb bread stick rolls to go with our soup. Super easy: make the dough, roll into a rectangle, brush the top with olive oil or butter. Sprinkle on some dried herbs of your choosing – I used basil, thyme and oregano. Sprinkle on some sea salt and cayenne pepper, some parmesan cheese and red chili flakes. Roll up the rectangle, flatten it a bit, cut into strips that are about 1-inch wide. Place on a baking sheet, brush the tops with heavy cream/melted butter/oil/buttermilk (whatever of those you have handy). Sprinkle with more parmesan. Let the dough rise again for 25-30 minutes. Then bake at 425 degrees until golden brown (15-20 minutes). Great for soup-dipping. Or marinara sauce dunking. Or plain eating.


Little dude pre-game breakfast. (Apparently I still cut up the pancakes.)


Silas’ team had two games in a row on Saturday. One footed-one handed shot.


We’ve been having a lot of sleepovers and kid-time recently. These dudes rearranged the living room for themselves then had a breakfast of cinnamon vanilla raisin french toast sticks and fresh fruit.

Day to Day Life: Week Forty-Six

It’s Sunday… Shall we? Okay, here’s a look at the last week:


I have not yet perfected the art of making cream puffs. These are chocolate cream puffs with a cinnamon coconut cream, topped with chocolate and toasted coconut. Almost a fail, but I salvaged a half dozen.


Cold, cloudy days make everyone lazy, apparently.


Adios to the last of our tomatoes! Tomato Basil Soup.


This is all I was craving for brunch for a good four days straight (okay, five but I resisted the last one): scrambled eggs with salsa and black coffee.


I had to go to the dentist twice. The benefit of having half your mouth numb? It makes you smile like a total douchebag and/or creep.


We used this homemade salsa on many, many things this week… Roasted poblano, anaheim, jalapeno and piquillo peppers, onion, garlic, lime, salt. YUM.


Skate park shenanigans in 40-degree weather.


Fish burritos one night. (I might’ve had burritos three nights in a row. Apparently this week has been a week of obsession.)


See, another day of scrambled eggs, salsa, and black coffee. A friend asked if this means I’m pregnant? I assured her it was more likely that it’s just because I’m a weirdo.



Homemade horchata is the best.


I’m participating in a foodie pen pal exchange this month… I’m totally stoked. This was the box I sent my pen pal in Virginia. More about this later.


Bean pot mirages.


Sometimes a girl’s day requires a bourbon and ginger.


Fall time is all sorts of shades.


Day to Day Life: Week Forty-Five

Shall we take a look at the last week? Here we go…


Oregon skies this time of year are always breathtaking.


One of the water polo moms offered me some organic pumpkins from her garden. I roasted them for this:


Pumpkin mac and cheese that I’ll share with you next week. I sent a huge pan over to the water polo dinner this week, kept a pan for us, and sent another small pan to the mom who donated the pumpkins. A super tasty experiment!


I got these lightweight, super flexible shoes for the gym. They are the most comfortable gym shoes I’ve ever owned and I am in love. Plus purple shoes make working out more enjoyable.


This is a man requested dinner we had one evening. Tempeh bacon veggie cheeseburgers made with hand-patted Gimme Lean burgers. With a side of fries and 21st Amendment Brewery’s seasonal spiced ale.



Super easy peanut sauce with crispy tofu, fresh broccoli, carrots, and red bell peppers, over jasmine rice. YUM.


This Twitter conversation with Joy the Baker and Tracy Shutterbean made me a happy lady one day. I still get extremely excited when two blogger ladies I thoroughly admire write me back – even when the topic is ridiculous dreams my brain concocts as I sleep. You should check out their podcast while you’re at it.


I found purple sweet potatoes in our food Co-op and I am not ashamed to tell you I about died of excitement. In Hawai’i where I am from, Okinawan sweet potatoes are easy to find. When I was a kid, my mom would simply boil the potatoes then cook them in butter and sugar, caramelizing them. Or we ate Okinawan sweet potato manju and pie. Sometimes pie topped with haupia. I have looked for these potatoes in Southern Oregon for nearly a decade in order to make some childhood comfort food. I finally was able to and I’ll share the recipe soon.


Since we hit the road early to head north for the kids’ sporting events, I made breakfast to-go. Whole wheat black pepper cheddar biscuits, sandwiched with baked eggs, cheese, and veggie sausage.


My older stepson and his water polo team made it to the State Championships this weekend, so of course we traveled up to Corvallis to see where they’d place in State. After a heartbreaking game Friday that we (very unfairly – let’s not discuss) lost, the boys won their Saturday morning game, placing third in the state of Oregon. The girls team also placed third in state. It was incredible watching these kids play – I couldn’t imagine doing what they do in that pool.


On Saturday, Silas played his last football game of the season… at Autzen Stadium, home of the University of Oregon Ducks. He was so fired up for this game. He was a monster at defense (making a tackle in the above photo) and played his little heart out, coming away from the season feeling good about himself and the work he put into the last few months. It was fun to watch and easy (but difficult) to imagine him playing college football someday on this precise field.



My mother in law, Donna, rode up for the kids’ championship games as well. She’s always a fantastic cheerleader for these kids.


This car made all of us laugh, parked in the lot outside of the stadium.


On the drive back from Eugene, Craig, his mom and I stopped in Roseburg at a food truck I found via Yelp. Tino’s Tacos is tucked next to the Shell gas station. I’ll tell you – this style of food is certainly my preference over overly fancy meals. My husband and I each ordered a veggie burrito (his with spicy red salsa, mine with spicy green salsa) and my mother in law ordered two fish tacos. We also got horchata, which was super creamy and amazingly delicious. This is certainly our new go-to place to stop for a quick burrito along I-5. Plus it’s super easy to jump off the highway and back on to get here.


Since we ate at Tino’s at such an odd hour, we decided dinner wasn’t too necessary… and had milkshakes instead. With bourbon.