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Day to Day Life: Weeks Twenty-Five and Six

Since I missed last week’s post, here are the last two weeks in photographs:

If you’ve been following along on the ever-growing pigeon adventure around here… Even though these are pigeons, we’ve taken to calling them chickens. There’s Mean Chicken and Dudley Guenther Chicken.
photo 5

An ice cold coconut matcha latte is my current favorite summertime beverage.
photo 4

Garden goodies that turned into a broccoli chowder with potatoes from the local farmer’s market.
photo 3

Chik’n pot hand-pies and cinnamon peach pop tarts using the same dough!
photo 2

Picking good avocados is a small, triumphant happiness every time.
photo 1

Oregon in the summer is lovely. P.S. Lake swimming is NOT at the top of my list of favorite things… I am and will always be an ocean girl. I’ve tried to keep an open mind, but that muck at the bottom of lakes… the jagged rocks… eww.

Zucchini and herbs from the garden…
photo 4

Turned into zucchini-potato cakes. With homemade BBQ sauce and a sunny side up egg. THUMBS UP for this impromptu, “I’m hungry – oh hey we don’t have kids to feed – oh wait my husband ate multiple bowls of homemade dark chocolate peanut butter granola for dinner” kind of dinner.
photo 5

This is Dudley. S/he has a splayed leg that may or may not grow the way it needs to… If not, she will be our pet pigeon. Her papa more or less attacked her and kicked her out of the nest, so she gets hand-fed and handled frequently. Her brother, Mean Chicken is right about the age where he’ll leave the nest.
photo 3

Good morning, cloudy day, from my bed, under the covers.
photo 2

Living with three dudes, especially when it’s summer, means A LOT OF FOOD is needed. Pizza galore! (BBQ chik’n pizza for the win that night!)
photo 1

Dinner another night. Don’t judge me. :)
photo 1

Silas Henry bowling a strike without any bumpers!
photo 4

While I usually don’t gloat, I had to take a picture of the final scores… because I beat my champ-bowler-husband. 1.) That NEVER happens 2.) My bowling “skills” are so ridiculous it’s not even funny 3.) This game must’ve been rigged somehow…
photo 5

Miss Nikki.
photo 3

Silas excavating some kind of craziness with his Nana.
photo 2

Blue and puffy.
photo 1

Roasted strawberry blondie experiment…
photo 5

The rain that hit us for a couple days off and on allowed our lilies to pop open! Usually the deer come and eat the buds before they ever get to flower… This is the first time this plant has had actual flowers in at least three years!
photo 4

Two birds, one stone… Beans and vegetable broth.
photo 2

Said beans, used alongside sweet corn and cheese enchiladas (with homemade enchilada sauce).
photo 3

Teri beef and shoyu chicken are common, delicious, dishes found in my Hawaii home. I made a vegetarian, seitan version that more or less combined both dishes… Served with Hawaii style mac salad, of course.
photo 1

Freeing these dudes that hitched a ride in the house on some broccoli and corn.
photo 2

Mama bird coming to check on her baby birds.
photo 5

A quick pesto made from basil in the garden, made into a sourdough pesto-cheese flatbread.
photo 3

Buzz, buzz, buzz.
photo 4

Day to Day Life: Week Two

Here is a glimpse at the last week! Are we really approaching the middle of January? 2014 is well on its way…


Lithia Park is pretty any time of year…


Made a batch of this salad… but this time I added some homemade spicy dill squash pickles I canned over the summer. (Yum!)


Homemade veggie burgers one night… with homemade honey wheat buns. (Recipe next week.)


Since I had leftover dough while making the rolls, I turned it into apple cinnamon rolls.


This week’s reading!


I had been craving hamburger stroganoff like my mom used to make when I was growing up, for over a month. So I finally gave in and made this vegetarian version.


I’d forgotten how good fresh juice is. This one was exactly what I’ve been craving.


Silas and I had a date night. First, there was pizza…


And then we met up with some friends to go ice skating. Silas and I got there a bit earlier than our company and I royally busted my ass on the ice three times, the last of which I landed with both hips flat on the ice, hands sprawled out, and face almost in the side of the rink. I was reminded quickly that I am an old lady. Luckily our friends showed up then and Silas still had folks to skate with as I watched. Like a cold, beaten up, little old woman in need of a stiff drink.


Since I am an old woman and also nowhere near a “morning person,” my preferred method of making breakfast is either at dinner time, or the night before. I made these apple cinnamon almond protein muffins for the kids one night, for my husband to feed them for breakfast the following morning.


TAMALES were made this week. I want to perfect this recipe… so close.


Sometimes mid-week is difficult. And it requires a good margarita.


I also made dark chocolate ice cream that had to be hidden in the freezer until I could take this photograph.


We finally saw some rain this week, after the skies had threatened for a while. I missed that sound.


Silas had his friend Sydney here for a sleepover last night. There was a pancake feast this morning.


They were very sweet.


We’ve been eating a lot of paninis around here. My husband and I shared a couple the other night. We split one filled with cheese and basil, then split another filled with Wild Friends’ cinnamon raisin peanut butter and sliced bananas. It was so damn delicious.


I cannot even tell you how many nights and days we ate tamales this week. I call them hapa haole tamales, as they were certainly not traditional by any means. I made spinach/crimini mushroom/feta, jalapeno-cheese, and fresh pineapple with vanilla bean. While tasty, the last dozen are going into the freezer.

Day to Day Life: Week Twenty-Four

Here’s a small glimpse into the last week:

DTD24- 14

Lots of blue skies!

DTD24- 10

I turned 28 on Monday and requested doughnuts. Woo hoo!


Birthday foxgloves hand-picked by my husband.

DTD24- 9

DTD24- 8

Two pounds of  zucchini out of the garden! More coming daily!

DTD24- 13

Craig’s mom brought over a few gorgeous locally made treats. This raspberry mousse cake was phenomenal. I shared with Craig, after we’d gone out for drinks and dinner – I left my camera and phone at home for the date, so no pictures of the delicious sushi and cocktails.. Oops.

DTD24- 7

Silas also had a birthday this week. The newly turned 8 year old requested his usual breakfast choice : buttermilk pancakes.

DTD24- 17

A super vanilla, vanilla bean, cake batter…


To turn into the birthday boy’s requested Oregon Ducks cake. This cake made me swear a LOT. Good thing no one was home. I will not be posting the recipe, I think. The cake was tasty. The frosting, also satisfyingly good. The filling – a salted caramel meringue buttercream – was a total horror of a recipe to try.  I ended up throwing away more batches than I care to admit, then in the end, doctored it up into something that would suffice as a cake filling. Luckily it all tasted good…

DTD24- 16

A birthday skatepark visit


A salad to fill my insides with something other than doughnuts and cake.


Blurry, but a rare moment between these brothers.

DTD24- 6

We hosted a sleepover with these two friends of Silas’s. While we had initially invited a handful of 7 and 8 year old boys, I was relieved at this little turnout. Little boys are CRAZY. Little girls are too, let’s be real. We finally had to demand bedtime when there was still giggling, monster trucks banging against the door and Nerf gun shooting at 1:30 in the morning going on.

DTD24- 15

Craig and Silas are usually the pancake kings around here – I’ve never seen anyone eat so many ‘cakes at once. Those same boys who were up at 1:30? They got back up before 8 then wolfed down pancake after pancake. And fruit. And potatoes. So many laughs, though.

DTD24- 4

I wish I had a couple of these mango orange margaritas to prepare for the above mentioned sleepover… But this came later in the week.

DTD24- 5

Silas’s mom put together a family birthday party yesterday. I offered to bring the cake, or cupcakes. Silas asked for red velvet. When I asked what his favorite colors are these days, he replied, “White. Purple. And highlighter.” Highlighter?! I haven’t figured out how to non-toxic-ly make highlighter colored cream cheese buttercream, but got as close as I could.

DTD24- 12

A happy little grilled cheese-avocado-tempeh bacon sammich.

photo (8)

A sweet little Sunday swallowtail visitor.